Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Gotta Love John Deere!!!

Pattern: Roo Designs
Yarn: Plymouth Encore
Needles: Size 7
Knitting Style: Intarsia

It's tough taking pictures in the wintertime when the lighting is so poor. Anyhow, intarsia knitting, such as this sweater, is when there are large blocks of knitting with the same color, usually requiring lengths of yarn on a small plastic, adjustable, bobbin. The yarn is not usually carried across except for the twisting with the stitch beside it. It differs from fair isle or stranded knitting.

Sweater is for my grandchild, Jakob now age 2, who loves his dad's John Deere tractor. When my daughter tells him they are going outside, he will cry if she doesn't reach for the tractor keys. Thus, the inspiration for this sweater. I added a label that says "Made With Love By Grandma!" You can find those at JoAnn's.

Here we are on my other daughter's John Deere. Picture was taken last August.

Another pic of Jakob! Indulge me...I'm a proud grandma!!
Now, really, how can a handknit sweater be exciting to open as a gift for a 2-yr. old boy? I went to the animal feed/grain store and they were having a huge sale on these toy. So, look what I found to include in the package I will be mailing to him. I don't know who is more excited!!! Me or Jakob when he receives this.
Now, doesn't that look like a ton of fun!!! I'm hoping my daughter will take a video of him playing with it. He loves remote controlled gadgets/toys.

And look what I found at the supermarket......

It's a box of "gummy tractor, bulldozer, etc." candy. As a treat once in a great while won't hurt!!!

Making all of this happen has been fun!!!
I also have something special for my two older grandchildren going in the mail. I always make a point of remembering them all as I love them all very much. Each has their own unique personality.
On another note...............
Thanks for all the nice comments left on my previous post regarding the negative comment(s) I received. Some of you I am not able to respond to because of your settings. For instance,'s been awhile and it was so wonderful to hear from you. I want to help you with the sock knitting but I no longer know how to reach you.
Happy Knitting!


  1. Love the sweater!! It looks fabulous. Nothing wrong with being a proud "grandma" , I happen to be one myself. Hope your daughter sends pic of Jakob in the sweater!Good job!

  2. What a fantastic gift! LOVE, Love, Love the sweater, where did you find the pattern? And big question - if you don't carry the yarn behind the pattern - how many bobbins did you need?

  3. That's a cute sweater! My son would have loved it, when he was little! :o)

  4. What a beautiful & great sweater! A lot of "big boys" love their John Deeres, too. Ever hear of Kenny Chesney's, "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"?

  5. How much fun for you to find all these great things for Jakob. I have a birthday to prepare for in a month or so, too.

    The sweater is so great! The heck with John Deere....You Gotta Love Grandma!

  6. That sweater is so cute! What a perfect gift with the tractor toys and snacks!

  7. Wow! The sweater turned out amazing!! And what a cutie he is. :)

  8. Beyond Perfect! It is darling, truly darling. What a wonderful grandma you are.


  9. Hi Joansie,
    What a darling sweater and wow to find toys perfect for that is just perfect... You can always reach me at or when working (LOL)
    I would so welcome help on magic loop...I am so lost...
    I love reading your blog with all your tips and pics...keep up the great work, and I also said a prayer for your job too....

  10. Awesome sweater Joansie! That turned out so cool!

    And the remote control tractor and gummy snacks - you are truly the most awesome grandma! Even more so for remembering all the kiddos at the same time!

    I still remember an aunt sending a bright red crocheted vest for my little bother. Unfortunately it was around MY birthday when it arrived - his is 10 days after mine - and I thought it was for me. At 5, I didn't understand why he got something on my birthday and I wasn't getting something too. I was very hurt. This memory has stuck with me, and I try to remeber all my nieces when sending gifts, even if it is only a little something from the dollar store.

    End of my "novel" comment. :)

  11. Oh, it turned out just adorable! I am sure he will love it, and the other wonderful goodies you included. I love working with a theme, and you found the perfect accompaniments. And you are so sweet to remember the other kids. When I make a gift for a new baby, I always include something for the older siblings. You are wonderful!

  12. What a precious grandson!!! The sweater turned out so very cute! I know he will love it and the tractor, be sure and post when he recieves it :). See I didn't know the difference between Intarsia and Fair Isle. But then I don't like color knitting and don't do it ;P.