Thursday, January 1, 2009

This and That!!

You all read the Yarn Harlot. If you don't you are missing something. I've been ROTFLMAO...I had to ask when I was a newbie what that stood for. It's "rolling on the floor laughing my "arse" off". The Harlot's blog and pictures today are totally hilarious as she bids farewell to Mr. Washie! Go read it!!! (after you finish reading my blog, of course)

Several of you wanted to see pics of me with my neck warmer I posted about a couple weeks ago. You wanted to know how long it was.
I went out to dinner this evening and had occasion to wear it. My friend took a slew of unflattering pictures. Good gravy!!! I thought I looked in the mirror recently, or at least before I left the house. One picture I looked like I had just one....well, never mind! I cropped the few that I could salvage so here you are!!!!

I added snaps below the buttons......I think I need to add one more! If my neck looks short, it's because the restaurant was so cold and I was trying to stay warm. I think they were trying to sell extra cups of whatever may be your favorite warm beverage. See the YO? All during dinner, my eye would catch the color of my sweater coming through and I thought I had crumbs down the front of

As I left the restaurant, a diner stopped and asked me if I had knitted my neck warmer. She said she had been admiring it from afar and told me how lovely I looked in it. I asked her if she was a knitter and she is. I was quite pleased to have a stranger ask me about it.

This picture shows you that it fits comfortably under my coat to keep me warm, and believe me, it has been frigid today.

My coat is a recent find at the Goodwill store when I was delivering something and decided to see what they had in the store. It is a Talbot's wool/mohair blend coat in perfect condition, absolutely perfect. It has a beautiful lining inside. I purchased it for $12.99 and it cost me more to have it dry cleaned than it did to purchase it. The cleaning was $14. A pretty good deal, I would say!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Thanks so much for the photos! The neckwarmer is just the length I am looking for. I was afraid it would be shorter. I can't wait to start on it.

    Congratulations on your lovely coat, too. I had one like that once; it was wonderful. My mother used to call it a "camel's hair" coat, even though of course it wasn't made from camel fur! Maybe it was because of the color...

  2. It is so pretty! Took my breath away. Renewed my resolve to finish mine for DIL!

  3. Thanks for highlighting the Goodwill find! I just discovered your blog--I am an amateur knitter, so your neckwarmer is very inspiring!

    Michelle, Goodwill of Northern New England

  4. Love the neck warmer! Beautiful color for you. Ya gotta love Good Will! What a steal!!!

  5. Yay, so happy to see a picture of you wearing that. Its beautiful. :)
    And what a great find at the Goodwill store. :) Looks like a really nice coat.

  6. OMG I found almost the same coat at our good will. I don't think mine was Talbots though, It is wool and so warm. I think mine was $20. My best g.w. find was a Coach leather bag for $25. Of course then I laughed at DD for paying more for a knock off in NYC :)

  7. Joansie!!! I have been so far behind in my reading blogs I just saw this; your red neck warmer is just the right length for a bib for me. Yes, I so need a bib. Now I need to find a pattern to make something so pretty, thanks for the idea.

  8. Dont you just love those finds in the goodwill and other stores like that? It's the thrill of the hunt you know ;P. The coat looks beautiful, new and warm, what more could you want? :) Isn't it nice when people notice the things we knit? Lets us know that hand made is really pretty cool!!!!

  9. What a beautiful neck warmer! You've gotten lot a accomplished!

    I love the coat. So classy. We have a Thriftique store just up the street. Some great bargains. Years ago, when our oldest DD was about 13 or 14....we found a solid wood headboard for her bed for about $20. She had a fit, because it had come from the Thrift store. I handed DD a rag & some furniture polish & told her to be quiet. DD started polishing the back of the headboard & started declaring, "This is why I hate used stuff! Someone scribbled his name on this headboard!

    The name? Ethan Allen

    We spent $20 for a $300-$400 retail item!

  10. Joansie, the neckwarmer is very pretty, and you look lovely in it. I can imagine the thrill of having a stranger compliment you on it. ;-)

    I love your coat. I was admiring it in the picture even before I read what you said about it. What an awesome find!