Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Cables!!

Hip, hip...hooray!!!! Not only did I get the one additional person I needed to make my cable mitten knitting class happen at my local educational center, the class filled to the maximum number I would accept which was six knitters. I am excited and delighted and can't wait for the first session tomorrow evening. Thanks, to Lizzie for helping test knit and proofread my patterns and making suggestions.

The other day
Deb mentioned in her blog that she felt like knitting something with cables. She even mentioned my cable mittens and Brooklyn Tweed's Almeara gloves (also in this issue of Vogue Knitting) in the same sentence. Though flattering, now, that was a stretch. If you have not heard of him, go check out his blog. His knitting and photography are always inspiring.

So, I pulled out this UFO filled with cables and am excited to return to it. That left edge is secured when completed. It's an extremely difficult and time-consuming pattern. I have written each row on a color-coded index card as the repeats are not the same number of rows alongside of each other. This is what it will look like. When I started this project, and we won't mention when that was, I would bring my lawn chair and park myself by beautiful Lake Champlain on a mild summer day. As I write this, we are getting 12 inches of snow.
I live 5 1/2 miles from work and it took 1 hr. and 45 minutes to get home tonight. I am content to stay indoors where it is warm.
More good news tonight, actually....great news! The local TV station announced that Vermont will be getting a fair amount more in $$$ from the stimulus package that is expected to be signed as early as this evening and those deep budget cuts, involving job losses, cuts in prescription subsidies for the elderly and much more will not happen for my state. There is enough money for the next two years with careful planning for the future. For many years, Vermont was one of the few states with a balanced budget. We will be fine.
Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Congrats on filling your class. That's great news. Perhaps you will have to start scheduling classes more frequently.

  2. I'm so happy for you that the class has been filled!

    That's very good news about your state, too.

    I look forward to hearing reports on your class. :-)

  3. Great news all around! Happy about your class, and the other news, too. :) Your hat is gorgeous!

  4. Hello from New Zealand!
    Just thought I'd write a quick note to say that I love your blog - someone mentioned you on Pioneer Woman and your blog name appealed to me and I've been enjoying looking at and reading about your knitting. I'm a young mum to 4 children and I love to knit for them, but I'm not very good or fast yet, but it's one of my favourite things to do when they're all tucked up in bed at night.
    I look forward to visiting again.
    Rachel L from NZ

  5. Great that the class filled! What are you planning for your next one? ;)

    The pink cables are very pretty!

  6. I'm happy your class is filled!! Love the cables. When I finish my 2 projects OTN right now,I'm trying cables! You still inspire me!

  7. Congrats on filling the class! That hat is gorgeous.

  8. I'm so glad you got your mitten class filled, I sure wish I was close enough to take the class :). I love that hat!!! I am such an aran knits lover! I love cables and all textured knitting and lace of course :). I updated my website and added a link to your blog :).

  9. Good for you!
    And I love that hat!