Sunday, January 25, 2009

Knitting a Picot Edge!

After posting pictures of my picot edge mittens yesterday, several people asked me to share the information on knitting this picot edge. There are several ways of doing so and I selected the easiest method in order to teach my upcoming class.

In this case, I cast on loosely an even number of stitches (48 stitches in this case) on dp needles and joined. I knitted as follows:

With MC, K3 rows (these are the rows that will be folded to the inside and stitched when finished)
With CC, K1 row
With CC, *K2tog, YO, repeat from star to end of round
With CC, K1 row,
With MC, K3 rows
Continuing with ribbing (or other cuff method of choice)
Here is a pic of the inside of the mitten. I very loosely stitched the fold to the inside. If time had not been of essence, and of course the method I chose certainly is acceptable, instead of knitting those beginning three rows, I would have knitted 2 1/2" and folded into the inside of the cuff for a neater, more professional appearance. You can also initially select a provisional cast on to accomplish this but this is probably not for a beginner knitter. Here is a link describing this method.

Hello Yarn (<--click)- this gal's blog is on my Google Reader list. I've attached the link to her picot "Selbuvotter "mittens. They are gorgeous.

The "Selbuvotter" (<--click) mitten book is on sale at Knitpicks for 40% off till February 13th. I am odering it this week. The book itself is not filled with pretty colored pictures but the patterns are to die for. There is a Yahoo Group dedicated to these mittens. It is not for the "faint of heart".

Purlwise - this blog explains the provisional cast on method for the picot edging. There is lots of very valuable knitting information on this site.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Great pics and info.

    So, could one do a double cuff on a mitten? IOW, knit say 20 rounds then the K2, YO round then 20 more rounds?

  2. Sooo pretty! If I were closer, I would sign up - promise! The samples you have knitted are just so enticing.

  3. That is so awesome, I love your cabled mittens! I would sign up too if I lived close by. Thumbs are not my strong suit :P. I think I just need more practice because I've only done thumbs a couple of times, and have only knit mittens and never gloves. I can't imagine doing all the fingers ;P. My computer gets sick for a few days and you have posted all these blog entries :P.

  4. Way to go Joansie, those are bright and beautiful. I love the picot edge.