Saturday, January 3, 2009

Neck Warmer #3 & Matching Hat

Neck Warmer #3
Yarn: Manos Silk Blend
Pattern: Ask me if you are interested
This neck warmer has been completed for several weeks. I was waiting to post it till it had arrived to the intended recipient. I have just one more of these to knit and then I am not knitting the pattern again, ever again. I'm not one to like to knit something more than once. I usually find it boring. It's about the buttons again. I'm not excited about these but I had to sew something on the neck warmer. I saw these great buttons at Jo-Ann's. Just absolutely loved them. They were perfect for this warmer. I decided to wait to purchase them till I had my coupon as I needed two packages for a total of $6. Gee, a 40% off coupon would save quite a bit. Well, the buttons were never to be seen again the several times I have gone looking for them. That'll teach me to be so frugal!!!
I originally posted this pic on my blog when I started the project. This yarn is so fantastic to knit with and the colorways are out of this world! Selecting one was difficult.
It's been a great day! There was a storm warning on TV that never materialized. The sun was out all day which is highly unusual for Vermont which is the 2nd cloudiest state in the nation.
LDSVenus sent me Yak Down to try spinning. It's absolutely delightful. It has a very short staple so it will be challenging but I will succeed!
I felt energetic and accomplished a lot. Tomorrow will be spent preparing for my return to work on Monday. It's been a great two weeks of getting up when I felt like it, napping if I wanted to which happened only once, knitting to my heart's content, shopping and just being my own boss.
Well, I'm off to click those needles!
Happy Knitting!


  1. What is the yak like? I've never seen yak available at any of the fiber fests I've gone to. I really like the colors of the neck warmer! I think I'd like to try that pattern. Where did you get it, if you don't mind sharing?

  2. Both, the hat and the neck warmer look wonderful! I like the buttons too. :o)

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  4. Beautiful! And the buttons are lovely (since I didn't see the first set, I can't compare as you are doing, but I think these are perfect for the colors - like a sunrise).

  5. What a wonderful gift, and so beautiful too. I can understand your desire to never knit this pattern again, but it is gorgeous and you may relent someday. Thank you for showing us.

  6. Just beautiful! You have a gift for finding just the right buttons. Do you ever get the buttons before having a project in mind? Or do you work on the project first then look for buttons? The hat goes perfect w/it.