Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yet Another Neck Warmer

Pattern: DK Buttoned Neck Warmer and Hat (free pattern from my LYS)
Yarn: Manos Silk Blend (30% Silk, 70% Merino)
Needles: Size 6 circular

Marianne and I have been co-workers for several years. We exchange birthday and Christmas presents. I showed her several knitted items recently and she would say "Oh, that's nice!" Well, nice was not good enough. I thought perhaps something would get her I, and like the Vermont weather, wait a minute and it will change. She loved the neck warmer I posted about a couple of weeks ago and said "Wow"! That's what I wanted to hear so I took her to my LYS and had her select the yarn and buttons.Picture is a little faded, but here is a close up!

And in case you are not sick of seeing this neck warmer yet in all of the colors I've done, well here is another pic.
It's all about the buttons. I have a thing for buttons. I've always felt that they added a special touch and as a result I'm thinking of taking up polymer clay as a hobby. Gosh! Will someone please take my temperature!!! I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head. However, Amy S inspires me so much with all her hobbies that how can I resist this one.

When I was a little girl, my mom had a "button box". It was rectangular with a beige cover and had a multitude of buttons in it. I loved to play with that box. I would beg my mother for string from wrapped fresh meat packages and I would spend hours looking for matching buttons and string them together. It was like making a puzzle but in the textile world.

When I was bored with that I would make clothespin dolls out of rags. I would dip a toothpick in an inkwell, and now I'm alerting you to my age, and ever so daintily touch the cloth and I would now have polka dot fabric. Lately, when I get up in the morning, it is very dark outside. I navigate my uncooperative body to the kitchen, lit only by a night light, and this past week I have been greeted with my flowering Christmas Cactus. This poor plant has been so neglected yet it rewards me at least twice a year with its blossoms. I'm pretty fortunate!!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Beautiful neck warmer, you can tell she loves it :). Love the buttons, I always loved to play with buttons too. When I was young my dad showed me how to take a button string and with the button in the middle and the strings on the fingers of each hand make it spin. Was fun.

    I have a Christmas Cactus and this week I noticed it had buds on it, this is my first Christmas cactus and will be the first flowers. Very cool to see what they will look like!!!!

  2. The Buttons struck me immediately! I love them. They really do make the piece- each neck warmer is a whole new creation with a different set.

    Now, I have to say that although ball point pens were commonplace when I was a child I still had pens that require an ink well, so you are not so dated!

  3. The neckwarmer is beautiful. Those buttons are great. I love buttons. I have a jar full of them. :) Have no idea what I will ever do with them all.
    I used to have a Christmas cactus. I loved that plant. Its somewhere back in Michigan. :(

  4. Your neckwarmers are so pretty and it's so much to see all the variations with the colors and yarns you use.

    Go for the new hobby! It isn't that huge of an investment, if all you're planning for right now is button-making. Besides, it's fun and creative and you can make your buttons to match your yarns!! (need I say more? LOL)

  5. Yes, the buttons add the final finishing touches for that neckwarmer! The colors are gorgeous.

    I have so many cactus all around me outside the thought of one in the house.... However, I do need to get some house plants. I've been without them for too long now.

  6. What a beautiful picture of your co-worker beaming with that on! Well done.

    I'm sitting here wondering just how cold it's going to feel in two weeks. I've totally gone Californian, although the variety will be wonderful.

  7. The neckwarmer looks beautiful, and your coworker looks quite lovely wearing it!

    I have fond memories of playing with both my mom's and my grandmother's button boxes. It didn't take much to entertain children way back when. ;-Þ

  8. Love the neck earmer and I say "yes" to the buttons!

  9. Your neck warmers are nice; I really like this new one with the button, beautiful button as you know. I used to love playing with the buttons as a kid myself. I still haven't made that neckwarmer yet. I am doing the Flower Basket Shawl for my mom, which will cover her neck and shoulders.