Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fanning The Flames Mittens - Part 1

Pattern: Fanning The Flames

Yarn: Jitterbug Fingering Weight

Needles: Size 1
When I saw this pattern, I knew, I just knew I had to have it and knit these mittens. This company also has the matching sock pattern.

I tell you, I am just loving it! Absolutely loving these mittens and they are for me to go with my very favorite winter coat. The true colors really are greens with golden greens and rasberry and some blue.

I have since knit quite a bit more of this mitten and will blog in a couple of days about the thumb. It is just absolutely wonderful the way it fits. Now, doesn't getting excited over a mitten thumb sound absolutely pathetic? Really, I must get myself a life!!! :>) It's because it is very different from other thumbs I have knitted. Ok, I'll's getting worse...I must do something other than knitting!!!
Here's a closeup! What is so great about these mittens is that it is started with a provisional cast on at the tip of the fingers with a total of 14 knitted fans. Side fans wrap around the hand. You can quickly see your progress by counting the fans and not just trying to remember where you started knitting today. Quick gratification!!! The two live stitches on each fan eventually connect to another fan.

I'm thinking of knitting the cuff in a rasberry color. This yarn is beautiful and wonderful to knit with. However, this is also the yarn that had knots in it which is ok for this project as the yarn is cut after each fan allowing for easy avoidance of those knots.

This company also has this pattern. Essence Gloves It is on my "to do" list for sure but perhaps not until the holidays have gone by. I have another pattern I received yesterday that I am just itching to start but I must be disciplined......I MUST be disciplined.

Vermont is so gorgeous right now. The colors are brilliant probably as a reward for the rainy summer we had. Some years the foliage is better than others and this is one of those years. Check out VTknitboy's (<--click) blog to see spectacular pictures of Vermont's foliage. You'll be envious of the scenery.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I absolutely love your mittens. They look difficult - would you agree?

  2. They look wonderful! Very nice colours. I'm glad you are enjoying them!

  3. They are beautiful. I've never done a provisional cast-on. I've passed up more than one pattern which called for one. I guess it's high time I learned how to do it!

  4. Discipline??? What is that????

    Those mittens are going to be beautiful. That pattern is gorgous!!!

  5. Very very pretty! I wish I had quiet time to concentrate on something like that. I think I might enjoy it....

  6. Ooooh, oooh... Years ago, I was looking at one of the skyscrapers in San Francisco, going, I want to knit that shape! A seashell-looking skyscraper; really...well, Californian. Your mittens got that shape. Cool!

  7. They're beautiful and look like they're fun to knit! I'm so glad to have found you and am enjoying reading your blog.

  8. looks great! Can't wait to see them finished!

  9. The pattern is very unique. Please do post a picture when you are done, they are very interesting, I've never seen anything like them.

  10. Wow, what gorgeous yarn! Cool pattern for it, too.