Sunday, October 12, 2008

As Mr. Rogers Would Say...

"It's A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood!"..that is what Mr. Rogers used to say, I hope. It's been too long since I was a kid. I think he was around back then, but maybe not!! I feel old as dirt these days so probably not. Speaking of getting "older", have you ever gotten up in the morning and while innocently brushing your teeth, you look into the mirror and shriek..."Oh, my gosh, I didn't look this old yesterday!" "How did that happen?" Did I have a bad dream?

Some of you may remember the wonderful and very comedic (borderline..a little crazy) Ewey from our Yahoo 360 days! She and I got together at her home yesterday for some spinning. We had fun on her outside deck with the sound of her chickadees providing us music with an occasional piping in from her sheep and donkeys. (Yes, she has donkeys!) The donkeys were added to the family of animals to protect the sheep but they are not meeting the minimum working requirements.

Here's Ewey with some of her own roving from her sheep. Because I had to lighten the picture you are not getting the beautiful color of the Vermont foliage in the background. (sigh!)
Just some of her roving from her sheep that she is now selling. Ewey has an electric drum carder that does a wonderful job. She also dyes it herself. Interested in buying some? If so, let me know and I'll forward the info to her. I don't believe she actually has a web site (yet) to sell her fiber. I forgot to take pictures but I purchased roving from her ewe called "Butterfly".
Just a few of the sheep parading by as we sat on the deck spinning!
A neighbor made this "Snowball" quilt for Ewey. She keeps it in her studio to snuggle with on the couch.
Ewey has been knitting "Bat" hats for her craft shows. They have been a big seller with the college kids!

I'm wearing my "Spiral Scarf" that is not quite complete. I have to reblock it and make some adjustments. I'm not excited about this scarf but perhaps I'll feel differently once I've done a few extra things to it. Perhaps I need a few people to tell me that it is beautiful. I'll post more pictures in an upcoming blog.

Yesterday was just absolutely delightful in so many ways. I spent time with a very good friend. The weather was perfect and the drive extremely scenic. Ewey baked a Vermont McIntosh apple cake while I was visiting as well. It was delicious!

I have started a new project and I can't wait to show you. I am loving it! It may be in my top 3-5 favorite projects. Ewey got a sneak preview yesterday and I am swearing her to secrecy.

Happy Knitting and Spinning!


  1. Beautiful! Vicarious Vermont, and soon I'll get to see the real thing!

  2. How nicw that you got to see Ewey. I hope she is well! Her rovings do look lovely.

    Is that spiral scarf the one we were admiring at the VT sheep and Wool festival? I know I have that pattern somewhere...

  3. What a perfect way to spend a perfect day in a perfect place!

    I think the scarf is lovely!

  4. You ladies look like you had a fabulous time together. The yarn, the weather and the company...all wonderful. Your scarf is beautiful. Anxious to see it when you have it done.

    Love the batman hat she made too. What a riot; bet it would be a big draw with the college age kids, as well as others.


  5. Very awesome pictures!!! Someday when I get rich (yeah right!!) I want to have a small farm with some sheep, but instead of donkeys who weren't keeping up their end of the bargan I might have a couple of single coated Llamas :), protection and fiber too :P, of course I'd have to throw in an Alpac or two as well. I did say a small farm right? :P

  6. That sounds like the perfect relaxing but fun day. Seeing all the spinning other knitters are doing really makes me want to try my hand at it. I just don't think I'd have the patience for it.

  7. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. Does Ewey sell her handspun? I don't spin, and unfortunately don't have the time to work it into my life at this point in time. BTW - love the scarf

  8. Oh how lucky to have weather nice enough to sit outside and spin! And have someone to do it with!

    I see both you and Ewey are sock footed spinners, too. I spin either barefooted or with socks. No shoes for me either.

    Glad you had fun and Ewey's rovings look lucsious!

  9. Wow Joansie! How lucky you are to have made a friend like Ewey! There's no one in my area that spins and I know of only one gal tht knits. Looks like you were having a good day!

  10. great socks you spin in and I think your scarf is lovley. Sounds like a wonderful day!

  11. I'm so glad you and Ewey had such a good time together! Looks and sounds wonderful. I like your spiral scarf. I made one once in boring blue with a navy row at the end, and I almost never wear it. Guess I'm not the "frilly" type.

  12. Sounds like you had the best of times, and a Vermont Macintosh apple pie would seal the deal for me. How about some of those gorgeous changing of the leaves pictures? Sorry I don't comment much, but I do read. The google reader is handy but it means also that I can scan several postings and keep moving.