Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alligator Scarf

Pattern: Alligator Scarf from Morehouse Merino
Yarn: Red Heart (yikes!)
Needles: Size 6
The scarf is smaller than it appears and I am not happy with this one. I just couldn't find washable yarn that I liked for this project. It is for my grandchild, Jakob, who is not quite 2 years old. You know that a 2 year old is attracted to dirt, mud pies, etc. Jakob insist on his mom taking the tractor key with her when they go outside. He loves tractors, helicopters and motorcycles and anything electronic. He is all boy!

So, I started a green one instead last night. I may still complete the brown one and donate it to local scarf project.

Not much to report except that I need to yet pass on a blogging award that I received.

I also have great news to tell you about my younger daughter but I want to get a picture first.

Looking out the window this morning there was a flock of honking geese flying south. There is always a stray one trying to catch up to the rest of them. That is a definite sign of winter on it's way. We are suppose to have a dusting of snow in the valley tonight and 1-2 inches of snow at higher elevations. Time of all those wool socks I knitted along with the mittens and scarves.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I've seen this pattern before - love it! I am sure Jakob will love his scarf.

  2. I'm not ready for cold yet, and your already talking snow!! Yikes!!!!
    Love the gator! Perfect for Jakob! Very clever also!

  3. That's going to be an adorable scarf!

    We've been running in the upper 70's during the day, but beginning tomorrow, our highs will switch to the lower 60's, with 40's at night. For us, that's a cold spell!

  4. I had 6 fans on today and you are talking about snow. I picked some more tomatoes today and our squashes are still setting fruit all over the place. My tomatoes have slowed down but are setting again. Fall here is pretty warm.

  5. I love the Gator scarf & I'm sure that your GS will, too!

  6. I love that scarf! Can you buy the pattern alone or do you have to buy the while kit?

  7. Smaller how? Width wise? Would it be difficult to enlarge, or just use bulkier yarn?

    Snow! I want some. It's still in the 90s during the day and if we're lucky down in the 50s at night. Still using the cooler....

    Surprise, heh? Another grand on the way?

  8. I'm not ready for cold yet; but it's here.

    Interesting little scarf, he'll adore it in any color.

    Hum........what news of your daughter, you've got me interested.


  9. The alligator scarf sounds interesting, will look forward to a picture posted of the finished scarf. I love watching the geese in the fall and spring, but especially in the Spring as it heralds the coming of warmer weather ;P.

  10. Okay, apparently I missed several posts. I swear I looked when I got home, and they were not here.

    Anyway, I love this design, and have been wanting to try it myself. can't wait to see yours finished!

  11. This is a great looking scarf. What is the knit stitch used to make the bumps? I haven't done it before.

    Please email me @ if you can share the name of the stitch.

    Thanx, Diane