Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Voting Early-Material for Jay Leno

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry on this one.

My daughter thought I should send this story in to Jay Leno.

I called my town clerk's office yesterday to see about voting early. Now, my small Vermont community has not reached the age of video phones. I was concerned about the long lines and the weather (already a snow storm tomorrow) and the long lines I would have to stand in with my uncooperative leg. The town clerk may need additional training for her job on how to speak to the public.

The conversation went something like this!!!

Joan: Can you give me info on voting early?

Clerk: Yes, and what is your name?

Joan: Joan XXXXX

Clerk: Are you related to George Washington XXXXX?

Joan: No, he was black

Clerk: Well, how do I know what your family has been up to? He was famous you know, for peanuts, etc.

Joan: Well, I'm voting for Obama, does that count?

Update: I voted today on my lunch hour. The lines were spilling out into the hallway. Whether you are voting for McCain or Obama....please vote and encourage your friends to do so. It's an honor and a priviledge.

I related this story to a blogging friend. She asked if this person was young or old. Neither, I would say, probably mid 40's or so.

So it's back to my knitting tonight! (smile)


  1. Well you know you might secretly be related to Sally Hemings too! You just never know, right? Heh.

    Goodness. The funny things that pop out of people's mouths sometimes.

  2. Ha Ha :) Glad to know you were able to get in and Vote. My husband and i voted last Monday. My poor son. He will be 18 on Noc 12th. He is sooooooo unhappy that he can't go vote this year.

  3. I went and voted early yesterday. Went about 9:30 and there was no line at all, but I knew if I waited until later in the day the lines would be there, and shortly after my friend and I got there to vote, the line started :P.

    I'm with Brian, how bazzre that she would keep on about it even after your explaination. LOL, maybe she was bored :P.

  4. I'd leave an I Report for CNN. It'll make the tonite show then.

    Now that was someone attempting to make his/her job a little more exciting.