Saturday, November 1, 2008

You Tell Me!

Yes, you!!! You tell me!!! But first let me set the stage. Today I went to Vermont Teddy Bear, a world-wide known company. It's a fun place to visit.

Picture is a little dark but I wanted you to see that it is a huge place.

A colorful place with much anticipation of fun!
I wanted to see the political teddy bears!

First, there is the brown Obama bear with the classic white shirt with rolled-up sleeves!

Then we have..........
The grey (showing his age) fur Joe Biden bear!
and, we can't leave Sarah Palin out!!!
With her tiara, classic red suit, and hockey stick, not shown is her briefcase which carries her lipstick and baby bottle.
And where is the McCain bear, you ask?????
Well, the bear is sold out!!!
I asked the clerk if the same number of McCain bears were manufactured as Obama bears. She said, "yes".
Is that any indication of how the race is going? Do the Republicans have more money to spend as these bears cost upwards of $110-$120 give or take a few pennies. Of course, the Palin bear is the most expensive one because I was told her outfit is couture made or is that a subtle hint of the realism of it all?
And for you undecided voters, I couldn't leave you out.
There sure are a lot of you!
The variety of bears is limitless. They average around $100 each. While at the store today, people were buying bears but I saw noone buy one of the political bears. Perhaps, like the privacy of a voting booth, people are ordering them on-line.
I've already voted!!! I urge you to do the same. It will be a late night Tuesday and I'm staying up till the victory speech! ...even if it means crawling into work the following morning because I am so dog-tired...oops..bear-tired!!!
Happy Knitting!


  1. Oh my. McCain outsold... Goodness. But SarahBear made me laugh out loud when I scrolled down and saw her.

  2. What will they think of next? I have one of those VT Teddy Bears. We can't vote till Tuesday and we're getting up early to vote as it will be packed I'm sure.

  3. The McBears were bought by Democrats that stopped at JoAnns on the way home to buy pins....

    Did I really just write that?

    Why, yes I did!

  4. I'm cracking up at lizziek8's comment! ;-Þ

    Politics aside (and yes, I have voted already), the Vermont Teddy Bear looks like an awesome to visit!

  5. The bears are adorable. Wow Mc Cain sold out??? I would think it would have been the oppisite because of the way the polls look.

    I myself, have allready voted. So am anxiously awaiting the final to see whpo our next President will be.

  6. I love that Palin Bear's buttons says "Palin-McCain".

  7. Wow, those are some expensive bears! Did you know that you can create your own Muppet from FAO Schwartz? They're incredibly expensive too, but I'd rather have a muppet, I believe!

  8. Is the factory like the places in the mall where you can make your own Teddy Bear? Maybe for my Grand daughter's birthday I will take her to the mall for a Teddy Bear :).

  9. Well this Republican doesn't collect bears or cutsie dust catchers and can't afford those things anyway. I am retired and what money I get, I earned, and paid into. I am surprised that the Palin bear didn't have a toy moose. That might have been worth buying. I am getting up early in the morning to vote,then my military husband is taking me to breakfast before he goes on duty for his ocuntry and won't be home til Wednesday afternoon.
    Did you see I am into shawls now?

  10. The VT Teddy Bears looks like a fun place to visit. I voted 3 weeks ago by mail. I anticipated long lines(so far 5 hr. waits) so I'm glad I mailed it in.