Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can You Believe This?

Early yesterday morning I decided that I needed to take a trip to Maine and inhale the smell of ocean air. I live in Vermont which is the only land-locked state in New England. Tough for a gal who has ocean water in her veins.

While driving through New Hampshire my car came to a screeching halt as I drove by this gas station and I saw this sign. This u-turn queen responded accordingly. Would have been even better if.............

I lived and grocery shopped in NH. For every $50 in groceries purchased at this Shaw's grocery store and using your customer card (Vermont stores do not participate because we have no Irving gas stations), you receive 10 cents off per gallon. You can accumulate your credits over a period of two months with a maximum fill-up of 20 gallons. So, if you purchase $100/wk. in groceries, at the end of two months you would get a $1.60 off per gallon for that one fill-up.

Dunkin Donuts also participates. For every $20 you accumulate on your card, you receive 5 cents off per gallon.

These customer cards cost nothing and prices at the grocery store have not been inflated.

On the return trip I planned on stopping to refill at this same gas station and the sign on the pump said..........!!

My car was quite happy to be fed caviar i($1.67 in NY) instead bologna ($1.92 in VT).

New Hampshire has no sales tax and no state income tax. I suppose that property taxes are probably pretty high to support the state. I'm sure that both Alison and Brian can clarify that point.

More later on my yarn shopping adventure and the laughter that commanded that I pull off the highway if this was going to be a safe trip.

It's been a good weekend and I hope yours has been also. This gal has to go eat breakfast and wind some yarn.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Was that the Irving on Loudon Road in Concord? If it was I filled my tank there for under $18 yesterday with one of those Shaw's coupons. It's great since I had to drive to Boston twice this week!

    Property taxes are quite high in NH. There are also what I believe are considered "luxury" taxes (7%) on things like dining out. Personally, I'd pay the income taxes for well cleared roads in the winter.

  2. I could write a book just on NH... But yes, the property taxes were very high. A third of our mortgage payment was the property tax on our FHA loan there.

    Then there was the time they built a mall on the border with Mass and put the parking lot on the Mass side. Mass surveyed, said the Sears was in their state, and that they were going to slap their sales tax on. NH said no way, and sliced off that wall of the building. The mall's in NH, so there, neener neener!

  3. I saw gas prices at $1.76 yesterday.

    Our Safeway/Kroger stores have the same deal on $.10 off per gallon with, I think,every $100 of purchases.

    It's nice to see the prices dropping....almost as fast as they rose earlier in the year!