Friday, November 28, 2008

Catching Up!!!

I am way behind in blog reading and leaving comments. I am going to try to catch up this weekend.

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Mine was quiet with a change in plans at the last minute.

A few people have written me about patterns for some of my crafts. Your settings do not allow me to respond and I can't quite remember where you need to fix that in Blogger.

Lizzie, can you leave a brief comment on this post telling folks how to do that...thanks! (Lizzie always knows answers to my gal!!!)

For the individual asking me about the pattern for the neck warmer, I can send that to you if you supply me with your addy. It is not copyrighted so we are good. For the individual asking me about the strawberry baby hat, that one was purchased and is copyrighted so I cannot provide you with the pattern. However, if you Google "umbilical cord hat", it is free on the web and on Ravelry. You can modify the pattern by randomly knitting in the seed stitches, etc.

On the knitting front, I finished a beautiful scarf yesterday and still need to block it and then I'll blog about it. I can't wait to show you as I am really pleased with this one. The colorway was selected to match the "Flaming Fan" mittens I am working on and blogged about several weeks ago.

I lost the first mitten for almost a month and then found it between the seats of my car. Knitted on size 1 needles, I was sick when I couldn't find it as it is one heck of a lot of knitting. It is the kind of knitting that will test one's patience which is in short supply these days with holiday stress. I couldn't even start the second mitten in hopes that the first one would mysteriously reappear as there is a "left" and a "right" mitten and I couldn't even remember which I had knitted. Would I end up with two lefts, two right, or one of each. I didn't like the odds so I patiently waited for it to turn up.

I am off to read blogs. I have almost 200 queued on my Google list. However, the ones I have been reading for some time and comment regularly are in my "A+ Blogs" folder (smile!!!) and will be read first.

Happy Knitting!


  1. YAY! Welcome back!! I have missed ya. :) So glad you had a quiet, good Thanksgiving. And glad to know you found your last mitten. Isn't it funny how things just magically reappear......

  2. I'm so glad you found it!

    I had the right front (I thought, but wasn't sure, just like you) of a cardigan project that disappeared for three years. We finally found it when we went to sell our minivan, and checking all the cubbies in the back, there it was, stuffed down inside. I do not know how it ended up there, but at least I got it back.

    Don't ask me if I finished the sweater.

  3. Oh I was just going to send a private email this evening - I was worried. Thanksgiving was eventful to say the least. I got to cook- first time in 11 years. And I started choking on dinner- after I finally was able to breath I turned to hubby and said" Sorry no life insurance $ for you" then he knew I was better :)

  4. For Google/Bogger uses: Go to your Dashboard, click on Edit Profile by your picture.
    Click on Show My Email Address. That's it!

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, being quiet and all.... I had all my local kids here and we had a good time.

  5. I'm trying to play catch up too, so I understand totally!!!

    Glad you found that mitten, I can lose something sitting at my desk and not even getting up from the desk ;P. I use to blame my 4 children for things disappearing, but have since appologized to them :P. I should let my ferret lose in the house and let him catch those thieving fairies :P.

  6. So glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving, & so glad that you found your mitten. I hate losing things, esp.; knitted things.

  7. How nice of you to offer to send the neckwarmer pattern to me. I really appreciate your kindness.

    My email is:

    Thanks again and please tell your LYS thank you too.

  8. I'm terribly behind on my blog reading/commenting, too. I tell you, you skip a couple days and it seems to snowball on you! I sometimes think I should pare down my list of blogs to read, but I can never bring myself to eliminate anyone. I love them all!