Monday, March 30, 2009

Spiral Scarf

The scarf was knitting with lace weight yarn (silk/merino) from Knitpicks. Pattern was purchased at Webs.
We, as knitters, want our projects to be the best one thus far until you cast on the next project. This spiral scarf really fell short of the mark. I've only worn it a couple of times, and though I always get compliments on it, I'm just not happy with it. I feel like I am wearing a clown's collar or a collar on one of those medieval women's dresses. What was I thinking? I love the yarn and fortunately I have two more skeins to play with.
I completed this scarf last summer and waited to blog about it in the hopes that ....well, I'm not sure what I expected as it is what it is.

I wet, pinned and blocked this wayward scarf. The yarn is stubborn like it's owner. Now, stubborn can be good in some instances. For me, it is synonomous with determination. The dang scarf just will not conform and curls as if it were a bathing beauty's hair at the ocean on a hot, humid, summer day.

I crocheted an edge around the neck because, as its name implies, it was spiralling out of control. Nope.....that didn't help much either.

So, I've adopted the attitude that there has to be a few "not so hot" knitting projects to really appreciate the good ones.

Happy Knitting!


  1. You compliment the scarf well! I love the imaginary that you used to describe the stubbornness of the scarf. I love the image of a bathing beauty's hair on a humid day! That was great!

    We've all knitted things that make us say, "What was I thinking?" LOL!

  2. Looks like a beautiful color. :) So sorry you are not completly happy with it. I know I have several projects I am unhappy with.
    (I have a few afghans I started that I was sooooo unhappy with. I just finished them off where I was and the kids use them like crazy. LOL)

  3. I would consider trying to bring it togetehr somewhere in the front with a clasp or stick pin and see if that would add something to it... I am like you though ,it just doesn't look like my kind of taste..Maybe you can use it as a gift if you know someone who's taste run in ruffles.
    Elsie <><

  4. I once made a scarf like that, using a free pattern for what was called a Potato Chip scarf ("bet you can't make just one"). I always felt like it was pretty ridiculous-looking on me. It's sitting in my drawer...

    Yours at least is made from pretty yarn! LOL

  5. It's a very pretty scarf. I also have projects that didn't work out in the end and I've found that there's always someone who would appreciate a hand-knit, one-of-a-kind accessory. Better it be with someone who will love it (and you for making it) than for it to go unworn.

  6. I agree with Amy, it's better to be given as a gift than go unworn. It is a pretty scarf, and you said you get compliments everytime you wear it. Why not make a surprise gift of it to someone who compliments it?

  7. Well, for what it's worth, I think it's really pretty, and looks great on you!

  8. It is really pretty. And no, you do not look like a clown when you are wearing it. Any ideas yet what you are going to use the rest of that yarn for? The color is really nice and soft.

  9. I love the scarf! But you should have heard me laugh the second the picture opened up: I have on, as I type, the exact same vest. It's a chilly San Francisco-foggy morning here.

  10. You know, I made one of those and it turned out great but it overwhelmed my small face. I gifted to my Aunt and she loves it. Yours is lovely and you picked a great color for you skin tone -- it looks lovely on you!

  11. The color is perfect for you, but I agree that it would make a good gift for someone who will enjoy wearing it.
    And, man, that must have been a bear to block!