Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shamrock Pin

Free Pattern: Shamrock (<----click)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! This is a 15 minute project that anyone can do. I'm not a good crocheter at all and was able to do it.

I added this pin on the back and voila!!!...a quick gratifying project.

Isn't everyone Irish on March 17th? I look forward to the day for a number of reasons. It's the one day I have corned beef and cabbage, wear a little green, but I pass on the green beer. I like to listen to Celtic music and it completes my day.

As a bonus, it is my work anniversary date so each year I get two additional paid personal days...yipee!!!

I've been in a knitting slump for the last month. I've not knitted except for mindless knitting on a baby blanket that just keeps my hands busy. No pics yet...but soon!
I've been busy figuring out all the new software on my new laptop and multi-function printer (i.e. scanner, fax, etc.). I'm determined, and though it's been a real time inhaler, I have everything just about all figured out.

I'm being drawn to other hobbies I have not been interested in a long time. My genealogy has sparked new interest as has my cross-stitching.

I knitted so much for awhile that a lot of things suffered and now I'm paying the price and trying to reclaim order in my life before the nice summer weather gets here. I love plants, and to give you some idea, I went from this beautiful African violet .........
to this pathetic looking plant that has only the slight resemblance to the one above.
Time to get back on track by visiting my LYS today to buy yarn to start knitting a test sock for my next teaching class which begins the end of April. This one will be "Magic Loop Summer Lace Socks". The class appears like it may be full before the brochure even comes out!!!
Happy Knitting!


  1. I am so glad your classes are going so well!

    The pin is so cute, and I'm happy to see you are crocheting a bit. I've been crocheting a lot lately.

    The next couple weeks will be a little more calm for me, so I promise to blog soon myself.

  2. Cute pin! Sorry about your poor violet. Is it now on the road to recovery? I always mean well with plants, but somehow just don't take proper care of them...

    I'm pursuing leads on genealogy and getting things ready for Purim. But I knit on my sweater today! I have sworn that I will complete one of the three projects currently on the needles before casting on something new. Problem is, all three are for me! :-O

  3. What a nice Shamrock pin! I think it's the perfect amount of green to wear for the holiday.
    The African Violet doesn't look too fargone...just needs some deadheading.
    Good luck with the sock knitting class - it seems like it would be a lot of fun. (Too bad I live so far away!)

  4. A four-leaf clover! Boy, would that bring back memories if I made my mom one of those. I used to find them all the time.

  5. Thanks for the link to the pin. I'm not much at crochet either but my youngest daughter wants a shamrock pin so bad...I think I will give it a try.
    Hope the violet perks up soon...maybe the Spring weather will wake it back up.

  6. Hey there! Great to see you back!

    Neat pin! Too bad that I really don't crochet. LOL!

    Guess what??? My grandmother raised African violets & mom has African violets! And, she keeps trying to give me some, but I don't have any place for them.

    That's wonderful news about your knitting class.

  7. Adorable pin. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your memory made me really happy.

  8. As I've told Amy, I can only do one craft at a time, and envy others that are multiple crafters.

    I have, though, been taking a bit of a break from knitting all the time and reading again!

  9. Sweet little pin!
    Your violet looks like it needs to be divided and repotted. And maybe sung to a bit... 8)
    Your class sounds like fun - that should pull you out of the slump!

  10. Cool! Check out your shamrock :) Sooo sorry about your violet. I could never grow one of those. My Grandma used to have tons of them. I kill them everytime. :(

  11. It's good to hear from you, and congratulations on the full class!

    I love the little pin. I was looking around on ravelry just the other day for shamrock knit patterns to make a pin. I never thought about looking for crochet ones. My 'passable' crochet skills could probably handle that!

  12. Nice to see a post (like I should talk :P). You're poor little plant will be thriving before you know it. :). Thanks for sharing the pin, guess I should make one for my grand daughter so she doesn't get pinched at school, you know how elementry school kids are ;P. My son's sock still languishes, I tried to tell him, to choose something I could help him with. He has an afgan in mind now. lol.

  13. poor plant- even being married to the gardening guru my plants look like that INSIDE - now outside- well, you've seen the flowers :)
    I must be the only Irishman I know that doesn't like corned beef and cabbage :(
    I'm pretty sure it's the cabbage- just turned my stomach to smell it.
    WOW! on the second class filling up already!
    Enjoy your week

  14. Yeah ,it worked! Thanks Joansie! I think your flowerwas beautiful!

  15. cute pin!

    african violets like to dry out quite well between watering, and they don't like to have their feet wet long. either water from the top and after an hour discard any water sitting in the bottom of the pot (dish), or water from the bottom and after a couple hours discard any remaining water. they also like diffused sunlight, no direct sunlight (leaves burn too easily). they grown on the side of trees in the rain forest.

  16. Oh the poor violet! I've never been able to grow them myself, but judging by the first photo you definitely have a green thumb. Just love on it a bit and surely it will come back.

    For some reason I've set my knitting aside for a bit as well. Just today I started getting the urge again. My theory is that any time I try to force a hobby it's no longer fun, so when a lull hits I don't fight it. It always comes back. :)