Sunday, March 29, 2009

Christmas Stockings/Planning Ahead!!!

Note: Pattern and picture by Ann Norling patterns.

Above is a picture from my latest pattern purchase from Halcyon Yarn out of Bath, Maine. I've shopped their store and if you are a knitter AND a spinner, it's a really fun place to shop. Actually, it's fun regardless of how many crafts you enjoy. It is definitely worth ordering their catalog.

I knitted a similar Santa Christmas stocking many years ago and my daughter, Amy still hangs it out at Christmas time.

My other daughter also had a hand-knitted stocking which was recently found after laying dormant in packing boxes for many years.

I hope to knit one of these stockings very soon so that I can offer it as a knitting class in the fall.

What is unique about these patterns is that some things are 3-dimensional. The scarf on the snowman looks like it's blowing in the wind. The miniature jingle bell, strung on a ribbon, hangs from the reindeer's neck. It also uses cross-stitching techniques such as the shadow outline of each figure as well as embroidering the name at the top (not shown). The stocking is then lined with fabric to add stability which means it won't get completed till the holiday fabric is out in the fall.

When I was a child, I always had an orange in my stocking along with rolled mints and Avon products. Even today, it is fun to figure out things that will fit in the stocking and be meaningful.

I hope to return to my regular knitting this week and blogging. I've been so busy and actually doing a lot of "playing".

I've neglected my spinning and that will be revive this week also. It is my turn to bring snacks to my spinning group this month. I am able to return now that daylight savings time in combination with dry roads has returned. I'm looking forward to June's meeting as we will be dyeing wool.

I know I mentioned "dry roads" above but we are actually in the middle of "mud season" in Vermont. Back roads are difficult to navigate and it is not unusual for kids to have time off from school because school buses are unable to get to them.

It is also maple sugaring season which means cold nights and warm days allows the sap to run. I'm a real snob when it comes to maple syrup and think there is none better than sap collected and boiled right here in Vermont. I think the cost is now about $45/gallon for Grade A with "Fancy" being a little more.

Happy Knitting!


  1. You know, though, that Grade B has more flavor? The grading system dates from the days when maple was the poor man's sugar and they were trying to get the flavor as close to total blandness as possible.

    I remember the weather-and-sap flow reports in our New Hampshire days...

  2. The stockings are really very pretty! It's fun to embellish things with stuff. I've added decorative buttons and such to cross stitch I've done! Absolutely love it! Can't wait to watch the progress on your stockings.

    BTW, I always used satin type fabrics to line the Christmas stockings when I worked as a "finisher" for a needle point store. Don't have to wait till Christmas fabrics arrive for those!

  3. Planning ahead! How wonderful! Keep us posted. I just love the stocking that you did for your DD.

  4. What fun stockings. That will be a great class. The one you made for Amy is great. I can't wait to see progress on the new one.

  5. Those stockings look like a lot of fun!

  6. Those Christmas stockings look like fun to knit. (I'd start with the Nutcracker, myself...)
    Lining with satin is a great idea. Such a rich finishing detail.

  7. I remember the first time I tried real maple syrup, in contrast to the Aunt Jemimah's I'd grown up eating. It was like they weren't even the same food! Alas, I cannot afford the 'real' stuff, so I make do with AJ's.

    The stockings look like such fun!

  8. Hi,
    I'm looking for a stocking for my 10-month-old boy, to complement the stocking his 4-yr-old sister has. She has the snowman stocking like in the photo on your home page here with the four stockings, and I was interested in getting the Rudolph stocking to go with it. Do you make these or know where I can order one?

    Thank you,
    Susan Fishman

  9. Awesome looking Joansie! Glad you looked it up & showed them to me!