Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spinning and Knitting!!!

I've been knitting on my mock cable, magic loop sock this week. You know...the one that I am preparing for my knitting class. It wasn't until I had knitted quite a few rows that I realized I had "screwed up". Ugh!!!
This is what happened. Notice the right side of the sock....looks nice, right!!! (no pun intended there).

Now, look at the left side of the sock. I should have had two purl stitches on the edge to make the mock cable pop out! Oh, and learn. I knew better but I was probably busy watching "Dancing With the Stars" and Gilles, one of the competitors, definitely can distract me.
Now, all you ladies who watch "Dancing" have to admit that he is a terrific dancer and pleasing to the eyes!!!! Sad thing is, I couldn't get through to vote for him last week. But then, he really doesn't need my vote.

Perhaps I'll name these socks after Gilles. Much better than the last time I named socks after someone.

I attended my "Twist 'O Wool" spinning group last Thursday after being absent all winter. It's an hour's drive and winter conditions make it difficult to get there safely. The group is very large with a very healthy treasury. The group has been selling handspun with proceeds going to a member battling cancer. I wish I could remember the $$$ amount but it was very, very generous.

Brian helped me with my spinning when he visited last fall. I have not had much time to spin and have been feeling a little frustrated that I seem to always be looking up what I need to do next with my spinning. I've yet to knit anything with my handspun. Brian told me at the time I was doing well. One of the elderly men who belongs to my group and has been spinning for years, came over and told me I was doing very, very well. It made my day!!!!

The roving is really the most beautiful shade of lavendar and not blue as it appears in the picture.

LDS Venus
sent me some yak to spin. Perhaps it's time for me to give it a try.

One of the ladies at the meeting was wearing a handknit sweater with these beautiful buttons.
They can be found on e-bay along with many other very nice pewter buttons.

Notice the new theme on my blog. If you click on the upper-left corner of my blog (cutest blog...) you will find many free themes for your blog.

Happy Knitting! Happy Spinning!


  1. If a dancer on that show were wearing the socks and you can't see the error, eh. (The latest version of the galloping horse.) They look gorgeous to me!

  2. ooooh -- Giles socks! I am thinking red for hime for some reason....Did you see him Sex and the City movie?

    Love those buttons!

  3. Those singles do look great! I'm glad you made it to your meeting. I fid it helps alot to spin with others until you become confident.

    Sorry about your socks, but seriously, just wear the side with the mistake on the inside of your legs, and no one will be the wiser (unless they read your blog!)

  4. Hey, what happened to comment moderation? No telling what some crazy person might be posting here while your not looking.

  5. I tried to see what you were talking about, but all I saw was a great looking sock. ;-)

    I hope I can learn to spin some day. It looks like such fun. I tried once, but could never get the hang of it at all.

    I LOVE the button!

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Nice singles!

    If you can't see it while passing by on a galloping horse..... ;)

  7. I love the new look of your blog! How neat!

    Your socks look terrific, too!

    Now...Giles....OMG! I have to put my knitting down...even plain knitting! I wasn't sure if I was having a real hot flash or I was just plain hot! I hope they win. Carrie Ann was so cute last week when she said, "Oh, your lucky wife".......then, she blushed! How cute.

  8. Great spinning! Love the sock pattern, too.

  9. Very nice singles! And I'm a big fan of any shade of purple... 8)
    Love the button, too.

  10. I think the socks look wonderful anyway, and to be honest, most non knitters wouldn't notice, and even some knitters wouldn't notice :P.

    Your spinning is wonderful!!! When you ply it will it be fingerling or sportweight?