Sunday, April 19, 2009


I puchased the yarn and buttons before a local Vermont hero made the news last week.
The sweater will be for my grandchild and I fell in love with these pirate buttons at my LYS.
After the incident described below, I was no longer liking these buttons very much. I wondered if there are "good pirates" sorta like Robin know!!! Is there? There must be because wasn't Johnny Depp's role a good guy?

Captain Phillips of Underhill, Vermont made international news when he was held hostage by pirates. He volunteered to be captive in order to save his crew.
Captain Philips with his children upon arrival at the Burlington International Airport. Not shown in the picture is his wife, Andrea.
Signs along the way expressing gratitude!
Sign on the side of a barn almost directly across the road from the Phillips home.
The crews were reporting from the Underhill General Store which is almost directly across the road from the Philips home. It's a very quaint community where everyone knows everyone else. Most folks have farm animals. I live a short distance from this location.
Coke machine in front of the Underhill General Store. When was the last time you saw one of these?

When news broke that Captain Phillips had been rescued, many of the news folks had just ordered steak dinners at this lovely inn, jumped up from their seats and hollered that they would be back to pay the bill.

The food is divine. Notice that it is a culinary institute.

The inn is much larger than is shown in this picture. The other buildings give a horseshoe effect. This is a favorite place to hold wedding receptions. The view of the mountains is phoenominal.


  1. I love the new look of your blog! A lighthouse, of course!

    I thought about you when I had heard that Capt. Phillips was from Vermont!

    I remember the Coke machines. There used to be an old-fashioned drug store near my grade school. I forget how much the little green glass bottles (6 or 7 ozs.) cost, but you had to pay a nickle extra to carry the bottle out of the store.

    The yarn & the buttons go well together. I say go ahead, knit the sweater & see if you still have misgivings about the buttons or not. After all, the buttons go on last.

    Thanks for sharing all the neat photos.

  2. Love the new look here! What an amazing thing he did for his crew.
    Love the yarn you are using. ( I have bunches of that aroudn here)
    I say, if you want to say they are good pirates that do. :) I am sure somewhere out there, is a good Pirate. :)
    I have NEVER seen a coke machine that looks like that.

  3. I loved the photos, Joansie. I do remember those old Coke machines, though it's been many years since I pulled an icy cold (glass) bottle from one.

    I hadn't realized Capt. Phillips was from Vermont. Good things come from Vermont. ;-)

    Your new header photo is awesome. I loved your old header (always meant to tell you that), and I love your new one. :-)

  4. Love the new look!

    The buttons are just fantastic, and look as though they will go very well with the yarn.

    The Coke machine looks really cool. Never seen one like it before.

    What a wellcome for the Captain.

  5. I thought of you when I saw Captain Phillips was from Vermont! Thanks for the mini-tour. Wish I could come back right now!

    And I love your new look for the blog. Your lighthouse photo is stunning; it's great to see it enlarged. :-)

    I always think of Captain Jack Sparrow when it comes to pirates (but you already knew that!).

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  7. First, I'm so thankful tha Capt. Phillips is home safely!! What a blessing! The lighthouse is fabulous, the Inn is charming and the sweater and buttons will look great. Second, you are so lucky to live so close to such a quaint town and to have views of MOUNTAINS and lighthousese!! I'm jealous!!!!

  8. That Inn is where we took our daughter and son-in-law to dinner while we were in Burlington--even living in Foodie Central, ie northern California, that was one of the best dinners ever.

    Meantime, back to the main subject. Very cool. Go Captain! The man is a hero.

  9. Aw Joansie, I Love your new look! Hey we all like a change ,its like changing the furniture in a room. \
    O I remember that old coke machine,,, Pop sure doesn't taste that cold in these old plastic bottles.
    I wondered if you lived close to CAPT.Phillips town.Thanks for the great tour.Makes me wish I could vacation there. But since dear Hubby is gone guess I will only be traveling down south to the Carolina beaches since that is where the kids alway reserve a house.

  10. Like all heroes and villains it depends on which side of the action you are on. Rhett Butler was a hero to the people of Savannah and not so much to Union military leaders.... Cap'n Jack was a hero to us, not so much to the British....

    I adore the buttons and want to know where you got them and are there more!