Saturday, June 7, 2008


A message for Dr. Weissgold........... (Friday's reflections)

Where are you, Dr. Weissgold? You needn't hurry too much on my account as I am knitting these socks while waiting for you to see other patients. Of course, I want to make sure you take good care of my eyes and we don't waste time so that I can continue to knit for years and years. Thanks for explaining to me what is vitreous detachment and how it created two holes in my retina.

I'm also enjoying your 14-week old St. Benard who is running around the coffee table and plopping down in the middle of the room. The dog made the elderly gentleman across from me smile in spite of himself. The dog found the man's inner child so that put a smile on my face as well. One must be thankful for the small things in life as it is those small things that accumulate and overcome everyday problems and sadness.

Ok, back to the socks....I needed mindless knitting while at the doctors. It's the waffle pattern I've knitted so many times. The yarn is, oh, ok...I just don't remember where the darn ballband is at the moment. It is hand painted and was purchased at a LYS sale a few weeks ago. 100 grams for $ could I go wrong!!! The picture shows how much I knitted this week while waiting for my eyes to dilate and waiting to see the doctor.

Reflections on Saturday.............

Thank you, thank you, thank more flashes in my eyes today. I hope to find time to knit for a little while before bedtime.

I attended a friend's funeral this morning. It was a truly beautiful ceremony. He was loved by many and he had a doting family. It was especially touching for me because we shared the same ethnic background and one of the songs that a trio sang at the funeral was in my native language.

Aftwerwards there was a wonderful luncheon with some of the ethnic foods I enjoy. The location overlooked beautiful Lake Champlain on a beautiful and sunny day with the Adirondack Mountains in the distance. I'm sure there are many beautiful places in America but it is difficult to beat the beauty that Vermont possesses. (One of the reasons it is so expensive to live here.)

Many, many of my friends were there to reflect on the good times. Some happen to be here on vacation from as far as Arizona. I had not seen them in almost 15 years.

I may start a new knitting project. It depends on how the mood strikes me this evening.
Happy Knitting!


  1. I love your socks & the name that you christened them, "Dr. Weissgold Socks", that's so neat! Isn't it wonderful that we have our knitting to get us through times like these?

    I'm so thankful that you eye problems have been resolved.

  2. I'm glad you eyes are better...great sock too and I would love the brand/colorway if you locate the ball band!

  3. Your post is so nice and restful. It "feels" like you are dealing with all the stress nicely.

    The socks are great. I adore how different yarns add such a unique contribution to the "same, old pattern".

  4. Love the colors of the socks, having still not tried my hand at them; it's hard for me to imagine something as diffcult as a sock looks to me to be mindless enough you could do in the doctors office with your eyes must be amazing.

    What was a dog doing in the doctors office? I would not be happy about that. I dislike the assumption that all people love dogs, aren't allergic to them, and are not affraid of them...such that a doctor feels it's ok to have one in his place of business. Having been awakened this am well before the alarm went off by the barking dogs across the street AGAIN, dogs have become my least favorite pet of late. Seriously though, I would think a dog, particular in a physicians office where it's suppose to be beyond clean, it's suppose to sterile would really not be a good idea.

    Wonderful news your eyes are getting better, hope even more so today from yesterday.

    I always buy yarn on sale, and so 7.00 sounds expensive to me; but your description made it sound like a good price. How many yards does it take to make a pair of socks? You mentioned 100 grams...I don't relate well to weight; tend to look more at yardage when I'm purchasing yarn is why I ask.

    The funeral does sound very nice, though I'm sorry for your loss; it's nice the gathering was meaningful which always helps the healing process.

    Take Care

  5. What a lovely post! It left me wich such a god feeling, aside from the curiosity about the language and the food. ;o)

    So glad your eyes are okay now! I know all about vitreous humor because of the last translation job we did on glaucoma (I learned A LOT during that project!).

    I'm sorry for your loss, but glad the funeral had such a positive feeling to it.