Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's In The Box?

A few years ago, my daughter, Emily, sent me this lovely box. The price was a steal at the time and she said she was sure I would find use for it somehow. Over the years I've stored a number of things in it.

The box is lined with cedar (I think) and is a cigar box with a humidor. I've most certainly never stored cigars in it. Except for a couple of experimental cigarettes when I was 14, I've never even smoked. Yeah, yeah....at one time it was considered boring but no more.

So I am using it as my sock box.

The "humidor" unscrews and I can put lavendar in it if I want.

However, the box is not large enough to hold all my socks. (sigh!)

A closer look at some of the socks.

And now on another note..... Amy said I left her curious with my last post. I was somewhat vague with my heritage. I am French Canadian and also speak the language. I was brought up Catholic and went to school 1/2 day of French and 1/2 day of English.

I told you about my friend's funeral last Saturday and they played "J'airai La Voire Un Jour" which is a song saying that the person has gone to heaven to see the Blessed Virgin Mary. Now, I think a mother's role in life is pretty important and Mary, being Jesus' mother is to be looked up to.

The food I enjoyed at the reception afterwards was a tourtierre which is a French Candian pork pie. Traditionally, I have it during the Christmas season only. It's the spices that makes the pie unique. I like mine with mustard on the top. It really is delicious. When I visited my daughter a couple of weeks ago, she pulled one out of the freezer for me to enjoy. A couple of years ago, my daughter and I made 23 of those pies (in one day...superwomen we are!!!) and stored them in the freezer.

Must go..there are severe thunderstorm watches and tornado watches for my area. Work sent us home early because of the weather. I'm prepared!!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. I just knew the Tourtierre (sorry, spelling) would be there. I think I sent you another recipe some weeks back.

  2. Way back in my family tree, we have a French trapper who worked in Canada. So in some vague way....

    Great story and I want a box like that. How beautiful!

  3. The box does make lovely sock storage. I love the idea of the lavendar in the humidor.

  4. Lavender in the humidor for scar emoths away -- what a grea idea. Your daughter needs to find you another, as this one is full of your lovely socks.

  5. What a clever way to store your precious handmade socks!

  6. I'm catching up here. For some reason, when I don't blog I assume others aren't, either. Weird.

    Thanks for indulging my curiosity. Your background sounds just fascinating. :o)