Friday, June 13, 2008

Waldo, Where Are You?

If you've been reading my blog since the days of blogging on Yahoo 360, you know that I try to do one new thing per month. I've learned to kayak, (or tried to), spinning, attended presidential candidate rallies, ate new foods, etc.

For May of's the new thing.

It's a chick incubator!

Can't remember why we had to add water!

This gadget automatically turns the eggs. Mother hen would normally do that. It's done so the embryo doesn't stick to the membrane just inside the shell.Waldo, Waldo...where are you? (from the children's book) Can you see one of the chicks beginning to crack through the egg? (Bottom left, 2nd up)
I didn't get pics when first hatched. Not very pretty at that stage. They sure are tired. Pic above shows them about 1-2 days old. There were 49 chicks that hatched while I was there.
A closer look! Chirp!, Chirp!, Chirp!

Daughter, Amy, after having collected the eggs from the coop! (She said to ignore the stain on shirt!

Going to market! Not sure if you can tell, but there are a few "blue" eggs. Can't remember the breed hen but those eggs usually sell for much more because of their taste. Many of daughter's customers are co-workers.

Happy Knitting!



    okay, better now.

    So, if you decide you have more eggs than you can handle, I TOTALLY know (ahem) someone in Essex who'd LOVE to be buying eggs straight out of the chickens' butt!

  2. Aawwww! How cute! I assume you'll be selling them? 49 sounds like an awful lot to keep as pets. ;o)

    What happened with the yarn adventure? Oh, and by the way, I loved your box full of socks.

  3. Yes, please tell us about the free yarn your daughter came home with!

    Hiow fun that you got to see the baby chicks hatching. ON a recent visit to Gerry's house his son Ian had baby chicks they had hatched at school. He was in charge of taking care of them for the weekend. They were so cute!

  4. Awww!! How sweet. We have chickens here. We also have a few of the chickens that lay "blue" eggs. They are thebest. Although some people don't realize what they are missing because they are affraid to try the blue eggs. The chickens that lay those are Auracana's. They are really cool looking. :)

  5. That makes me want to try! My girlfriend is using a couple of different incubators for her duck eggs, but she has to turn hers. How neat to continue your "new" stuff, your brain will remain active.

  6. How much fun! We had chickens for awhile, but no rooster (illegal in city limits). Lots of good eggs for eatin' but no chicks.

    When did you do this?

  7. Oh they are so cute, and quick write another blog so mom doesn't see the incubator we don't need more chicks hehehe.

    Blue Colored eggs or Easter Eggs are from Aracana chickens. They can lay anywhere from a dusty rose to a blue or a green.

    Nice and tastey too

  8. wow- my best friends brother works on a poultry farm...can you imagine her bought a couple dozen chicks home one easter for DD and friend's son to chase around when they were 3 and 18 months-lol brought back great memories.

  9. oh my gosh, how cute is that!!! What a wonderful experience!! Did you keep one? :P

  10. OMG how cute are they! Your own little business your daughter is adorable...49 is a lot as far as I am concerned...I use to have some years ago...a dozen..that was enough to keep up with for me...

  11. Your daughters cute even with the stain on her shirt. I do remember the do one new thing; but...let me understand..your daughter raises chickens and you were there visiting, so learned to help hatch em?

    How long did the process take?

    psssss...I got some freee yarn too, differently though then you did. It was mailed to me as a donation...such excitement.

    Have a good day

  12. Hi Joan, I want a rooster, but my daughter says no unless I move the coop to my side of the house. I have a hen that is hogging eggs and sitting on them, but since there is no rooster there won't be any chicks. Renate

  13. my son recently had the opportunity to bring some newly hatched chicks home from school for the weekend- so cute!

    we really enjoyed having them. then of course, he said "Dad- can you build a chicken coop?"

  14. Awesome!!! And sooooo cute!!!