Monday, June 7, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

The Good!!!

Mitt is moving right along.  Knitting with Koigu is so smooth!!!  Still awaiting a thumb!

The Bad!!!
I was knitting away while sitting under a pine tree enjoying the scent and all of a sudden I realized I had two right mitts.  Do I keep knitting and buy more yarn and make a second pair?  Forget that idea!

The Ugly!!!

and it got uglier because after I took this pic I had to frog further when I realized I had missed two rows of the repeat in the cuff.  What was I thinking????? or doing?????  not paying attention, for sure.

The Beautiful!!!

The mitt, reknitted, is coming soon.

"Know It All Knitting Bag"  (<--click)  This bag tottaly blew my mind.  It electronically keeps track of your rows and stitches.  I read the directions on knitting and assembling this bag and I won't be knitting it anytime soon.  The price of the parts is about $65 plus the yarn.  I'd love to read a post by someone who has knitted this bag.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Gostei muito do seu blog e de seus trabalhos,pelo que entendi voce é professora de tricô.Encontrei seu blog quando estava procurando a receita do ¨alligator scarf¨ e que infelizmente não conssegui.Se puder me enviar agradeço muito...


  2. Joan, you could always pretend you're EZ and knit both mitts the same way. By the way, they are beautiful. Renate

  3. Oh, Joansie, that's too bad. It such a beautiful yarn and color and I love the stitch pattern.

    That seems like a lot of money for that stitch counter, unless it prevents a lot of mistakes! If I come across anyone who has used it, I'll let you know.

  4. Love the color you are using for them. I hate it when I am working away on a project and then all of a sudden realize a mistake.... ITs not fun having to frog it and start back up again.

  5. The Mitts are beautiful! Beautiful yarn, too. I don't know about that knitting bag. It doesn't seem too practical, but I guess that's the point. I guess that it's meant as a novelty.

  6. I love the mitts, regardless of frogging. Beautiful yarn - I have some almost exactly like it (but not Koigu) just waiting to tell me what it wants to become.

    The bag...I dunno...that just looks weird to me. LOL!

  7. I giggled hard when I read this post because the same thing has happened to me. Ooooo, that yarn is so pretty you can't be upset about frogging and having to knit again !

  8. Well, it's a good thing you love to knit! Those mitts are so pretty. I saw you driving out of the parking lot the other day when I was driving in. We were both going like we were on the way to fires. Heh. We should do lunch or dinner again soon! Life has really heated up with David so busy campaigning and me so busy with the garden, and work has been a pleasant pace (at least not DEAD). Phew.

  9. They (it now I guess!) is lovely. Koigu is so nice and I can't wait to see them finished!