Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Smile For You - Guaranteed!!!!

I was headed to the store to get something to drink when I saw this person standing at "Five Corners", one of the area's busiest intersections.....

I decided I did not need to join "Jenny Craig" after all!!!!

Something was a little off...........

It was the!!!

These little girls were delightful!  Of course, people were tipping well!.... One was excited to tell me that she had $16.50 and I told her she would be rich some day and I would be able to say....."I bought lemonade from her."

I told her, "Daddy must really love you to be standing out there with the lemonade sign!"  Well, daddy was in the bag yard mowing the lawn and this was a family friend promoting these girls' business development plan.  Good friend, I'd say!!!!

Lots of knitting projects to show you as the week progresses.  I've been busy knitting!!!  More later!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Oh, this is absolutely a hoot. Thanks for sharing. Renate

  2. I love this post! You're right! It did make me smile. :)

  3. Oh how adorable ! I agree, Daddy in that outfit makes us all feel better about our weight.

  4. How fun! You've reminded me of the joys of blogging. I am also guilty of not updating my blog in a long time. I will have to see what I can do to remedy that. :-)

  5. What a wonderful marketing toy s/he is! I hope they paid him enough so he'll help them all summer.