Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How About Yarn Selection!

Have you ever glanced at a picture of a knitted item and moved on only to see again later knitted by someone else and it really catches your eye?

Here is a perfect example!
When I selected the Koigu yarn for these Delicato Mitts pattern, I knew they would not be as nice as the pair I had already knitted.  I wanted a pink pair, loved the yarn and wanted to compare the difference and show in the knitting class I was teaching that just finished last week.

This blue pair was completed months ago with yarn from "Dye Dreams".  Everyone loves this pair and so do I. 

Notice how lace, faux cabling pops out much more in the blue pair.  The beautiful pattern is sorta lost in the pink pair.

So, when looking at patterns perhaps you put on your goggles with a different filter to view your potentially finished project.

Happy Knitting!


  1. At first glance, the two pairs look indeens.d like two different patterns. I often go to Ravelry and look atwhat other people have knitted with the same yarn. It gives me an idea if I want to knit the pattern in a certain yarn or not. Have fun with your classes. Renate

  2. I like the pink yarn better, but not for that pattern. I think it was Wendy Johnson who recently had a lovely knitted shell on her blog that I would NEVER have considered knitting when I saw the picture in the pattern book, but her choice of yarn made it something I'd love to knit.

  3. Oh yes, the yarn does make all the difference! I like the pattern better in blue. I discovered this same thing when knitting socks.

  4. What a difference colors make... I love the pink color. But the blue ones show the pattern so much better. :)

  5. Joansie, I love love these gloves and will seriously need a couple pair for me and my little girl come winter out here in Maryland, maybe I can order some in another month or so?! =) Let me know!

  6. I like them both, the pattern may show up better on the blue pair but the beautiful pink color makes up for it ;).