Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Should I Have Said Something?

Like most of you knitters, I carry my knitting everywhere.  I had an appointment for a manicure after work and brought my project with me in case I had to wait.  They were ready for me and I didn't have time to even sit down.  My knitting project, in a clear plastic bag, was rested in the waiting area along with my coat.

I proceded to sit in my manicure chair within elbow length to a lady with advanced years (i.e. old).  Listening to the conversation she was having with her manicurist, I realized  that she had an interesting job.  This is what happened next:

Joan:  "You fly planes?"

Lady:  "Yes, I own my own plane and do aerial photography."

Joan:  "Have you been flying long?"  (thinking she was introduced to flying at a very young age)

Lady:  "Oh, ever since I turned 40 and the kids left home."

Joan:  "That's nice!"


Lady:  "Oh, I'm not one of those people who will pull up  a chair and just knit!"   (insinuating that it is a cardinal sin and only the most boring individuals must consider picking up a set of knitting needles.)

At this point I am debating whether or not to tell her that I am an avid knitter, teach knitting classes, that I breathe, eat and sleep knitting.  I consider reaching in my handbag for my knitting business card, ruining my freshly painted nails.  No, I keep pondering how I can slip into the conversation how great knitting can be so I ask.....

Joan:  "Have you ever had a close call?"  (I'm thinking that I can tell her what a stress reliever knitting can be.  After all, if I almost crashed a plane, the first thing I would do is reach for my needles once I was on terra ferma.)

Lady:  "Oh, yes, a couple of times and you don't forget those near tragedies."

I'm still not getting up the courage to say something for fear of embarassing her.  As the conversation progresses, I find that she is a very nice lady. 

I concede, there are nice people who are non-knitters.

Now that I am home I wish I had diplomatically said something and promoted knitting.  What do you think?

Happy Knitting!


  1. Joan: "Oh, you are so brave to fly!!! I would just pull up a chair and knit. Haha."

    I'm sure there will be better responses, but that's what came to my mind.

  2. I doubt the woman really meant that anything is wrong with knitting. I wouldn't let the comment bother you. It was probably best to hold your tounge. Would sticking up for your craft been worth a potential argument with an otherwise pleasant old lady?

  3. I don't think she would have looked down on you for being an avid knitter, it's just not her thing. And she probably (I hope) wouldn't have taken offence if you immediately said, "Oh no, I love to knit and I love to teach people how to knit. It's my challenging, stress-releaving, happy-making pass time."

  4. I think you did best by keeping quiet. Maybe by saying something would have embarrassed her and the conversion could have taken a bad turn.

  5. I think you did the right thing. You left in good grace with everyone and not a 'trouble maker " ..
    Sometimes its best to just grin and bare it and think: what they don't know about me " could hurt them. LOL

  6. you did the right thing- me on the other hand would have gotten in trouble with my mouth :p

  7. Meh, I don't really think she meant any harm. She meant that she wouldn't just be inactive or whatever, and that was her shorthand way of saying it, not realizing that it could sting. So it's good that you didn't bother getting into it with her. :)

  8. I'd have continued the conversation and brought my knitting out during it. Just to prove a point that interesting people can both fly airplanes and knit!

  9. Oooh, it's a toughie! I would have felt maybe like a bit of a wimp if I didn't defend my beloved hobby, but on the other hand, it's so stressful to confront people, isn't it? What really makes me mad is the assumption that knitting is bad/boring/old ladyish, like giving up on life or something. Phooey!

    I like Lizzie's idea - engage her and have a really great conversation, let her see how wonderful you are, and then casually mention your knitting as you leave... LOL!

  10. You left things on good terms. Who knows, you might run into her again at the same place & she just might catch you in the act. ;-)

  11. If she ever does see you at the manicurist's again, waiting your turn in the usual way (if she even remembers the conversation, because to her it wouldn't have been but a toss-off line) the two of you will have a good laugh after perhaps initial embarrassment on her part.

    And then, by being gracious and smiling and brushing off any apologies, you'll turn her into best friends forever on the spot.

  12. Wow you have been busy girl, and I have been negligent about reading lately. I have a great site for you to check out, and espeically for you check out day #5 :)

  13. Joansie hope you are doing ok today.
    Snowing here and I am going to post after while about it. . I leave my churches up all the time as I don't have anywhere else to store them.