Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Finished Projects

Hope you have all had a Happy Holiday!  I had a great time with my older daughter and her family in Rhode Island. 

This hat is a very quick knit and was one of my Christmas presents to my daughter.  I promised I wouldn't knit for Christmas this year and I broke that promise about 10 days before the 25th.  I guess I needed a little last minute stress.

Pattern: Thorpe Hat  (free pattern)

and a matching scarf! 

I put this ornament together using wooden skewers cut to faux knitting needle length.  I glued a bead on the ends.  I wound leftover yarn which was a great way of using up bits of yarn you don't know what to do with.

I printed out and attached this tag which is apropos for all of us knitters!

So, while we were on the "emergency" track, I ordered my daughter and myself this knitting bag.  Customer service from this site was fantastic!  Check out their other colors at Illiane's Corner.

Christmas Day was spent at my son-in-law's family home.  His mom passed away last January.  She was a wonderful mom, grandma, crafter, etc. The tree was decorated with all her hand-crocheted ornaments, mostly victorian and snowflakes.  All were white with an occasional touch of color.  

There were probably 25+ people there.  At the end of the day, all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren were invited to go up to the Christmas tree and select an ornament(s) to bring home with them as a momento of their beloved grandma.  It was very touching to see what everyone selected.  Every year there was a handmade quilt, sweater, or mittens under the tree for them.  She is definitely missed.

My daughter and I went to WEBS the day after Christmas.  WEBS is known as the world's largest yarn shop.  Again, the customer service just cannot be beat.

My daughter asked me if shopping at WEBS ever becomes less overwhelming.  I told her it gets easier.  However, by the time I left the store, I was totally exhausted and overcome by the fiber fumes. 

If you can't find the yarn you are looking for at this store, it doesn't exist.

I purchased nine skeins of Berocco Lustra which is one of their new lines.  It is Merino and Tencel and is marvelously soft.  I received the Knitpicks "Harmony" needle set as a Christmas present and the combination of this yarn and needles is a marriage made in heaven.


  1. I love the yarn you use d for the Thorpe and scarf!
    The ornament and bag are the cutest things.
    I have always wanted to go to WEBS. I think if I did go I would pass out at the sight of all that yarn.
    I wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  2. The ornament is so CUTE! And love that hat and scarf. And I know firsthand how lovely that new yarn is. Jealous!

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  4. Sounds like a wonderful holiday! What a wonderful idea to have your SIL's family pick a treasured ornament -- very touching!

    Had to delete previous post -- typos!

  5. I'm so glad you had a nice holiday. Lovely hat and that yarn is gorgeous.

    Happy New Year!


  6. What a beautiful blog post. I love the hat & scarf. My youngest DD has been wanting a hat like that one. I tried a similar pattern, but the ear flaps kept curling up no matter what I did. I'll give this pattern a try.

    I love the knitter's Christmas ornament & the knitter's emergency bag.

    I'm so glad that you finally get to experience some Knit Picks needles & cables. I love them! The smaller needles for socks bend easily after knitting a pr. of socks. Something to keep in mind for future reference.

  7. Fabulous color and nice new needles. I LOVE the ornament...and must make some of those myself. In case of emergency break the

    Popping in from The Bridge to wish all a Happy New Years.


  8. congratulations on such a wonderful Christmas and Best Wishes for the whole of 2010.

  9. Well, it sounds like you had an awesome Christmas :). I'm jealous that you got those Harmony wooden needles ;P, I know you will enjoy them!!! My sister sent me a gift certificate to Amazon dot com and got myself a swift!, they do much more than books. I'll put a picture on my blog when it arrives next week :).

  10. Wow, such gorgeous yarn to go on those needles. You deserve it - so enjoy every moment. :-)

  11. Oh! I almost bought some of that Lustra just last week, please let me know how you liked knitting with it. I loved how it looked in the light, but ended up blowing my knitting budget on other items.