Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Ingenuity l!!!!

I was sitting in my car at McDonald's enjoying my favorite beverage.  Someone behind me in the parking lot was being rowdy.  I turned around to see this:

Because here in Vermont we are not experiencing the Nor'Easter that most of New England is having today, Santa had to be resourceful and find a new mode of travel.  Not enough snow for a horse and sleigh!!!!

Rudolph came along for the ride!

It was near 0 degrees so Rudolph's arse buns were a little cold!

Santa and his family kindly posed for a family portrait!

And because the economy is a little better than last year for Santa, instead of candy canes, this year he was able to hand out presents.

It appeared that Santa and his family needed a "potty" break.........

I'm not sure what made me stalk follow them.  I think I wanted to tell Santa that I had been really good this past year and so had all my blogging friends.


Santa was ordering milk and cookies!!!  Had I been smart smarter, I would have put down my camera and offered to pay for them!!!!

These kids were pretty happy to see Santa!

Happy Holiday Knitting!  (I'm in a knitting time crunch!!)


  1. Well, I'd have never taken you for a stalker! :) Keep on knittin'!

  2. What a fun story. I'd also rather go in a limo than a sleigh. Glad to hear the Nor'easter missed you. We had our blizzard last week. Merry Christmas. Renate

  3. Have a good Christmas and keep warm. I got 13 1/4 inches of snow in Va.

  4. Too cute! I'm glad you followed them - all in pursuit of a good blog post, really. Absolutely no stalking involved.

    And now, I really should get back to my knitting!

  5. Fun and cute pics! Visiting everyone from The Bridge today to say Merry Christmas.


  6. I'm excited to report to you, I've been practicing some new stiches. The preemie blanket you saw, sunnydaze was knit3 purl 1 which gave some nice texture and gave me some good practice. Then I started the next one using horizontal dash which has an 8 row repeat...more practice with the counting etc.

    Then started one with purled ladder stitch which seems to be a good choice for a blanket since it's the same on both sides. Not the same as you sitting beside me...but I'm working my way up a bit...then want to try socks, and will indeed be calling your name.


  7. Oh, honey, that is WONDERFUL!!! THANK you!!!