Sunday, December 6, 2009

Parade of Hats

Voila!  My parade of hats! When I told you I was busy knitting I wasn't kidding.

Can you stand another Quincy hat by Jared Flood? This is the second one I knitted. The yarn is Debbie Bliss alpaca/silk.  It feels nice but stretches more than I would like.  Though pattern called for chunky, this is DK and worked out well.  Scarf knitted several years ago and one of my favorites.  Yarn is Frog Tree

I’m finding that pins are like buttons to me. The hunt is so much fun. This pin is exactly what I was looking for to give December a festive feel. Only thing is, Vermont has been having record high temperatures so a hat is not in order. Now, I’m not complaining, mind you. I had enough sleet, freezing rain and snow last winter.

Another Quincy knitted for my daughter.  Her's has a snowflake pin.  The hat has a beautiful snowflake pin on it.  Yarn was doubled and not bad to knit with. It has a sturdier shape to it.

This Odessa hat is far from my favorite. It’s probably because I didn’t use the correct weight yarn but figured it would fit someone and I needed to start a new project after having temporary amnesia regarding all my UFO's. This is an easy pattern to remember but don’t drop one of those darn YO’s.

 This hat is being donated to the “Head Start” program. I love knitting for little children and will have to start earlier next year. I think this one will put a smile on some child’s face.  Second mitten and thumb to the first still need to be knitted.

 This one was knitted with leftover yarn. Not an entry for a blue ribbon but it will keep some child’s head warm.  This is the only hat that was knitted some time ago.  All the others are recent knits (less than a month).  I still have to knit the mittens to go with this one.

Sherbet hat started today.  Not sure this one will make it to the kids in time.  Hats and mittens have to reach their destination in Rhode Island by the 18th.

I’d love to be walking up the street and see a stranger wearing one of my handknits. I’m sure I would recognize it as mine. I would say nothing but it would warm my heart.

 This put a smile on my face.  I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Back to my needles…..lots of knitting to do yet before Christmas. It will keep me out of trouble.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Love your hats. Haven't knit any since my husband quit chemo 3 1/2 years ago...
    I am busy trying to get 20 scarves crocheted for the abused Women home and only have 6 done. Working on 7 ..sigh... gotta stay with it. Using up some stash.. Got plenty.
    O I bet that treehouse hat is going to brighten up some kids day...

  2. Beautiful projects as always, love how the pins completes the hat. I also love the look, must check out that pattern.

    I didn't see an apron, I saw a waterfront with a big duck. The waterfront looks to be Baltimore?


    Know what you mean about warming your heart, though I never see anyone wearing one of my items; since so many go out of state and or to my homeless project.

  3. You did do the kitten mitts! How darling. I must make a pair of those, too!

    Hats look wonderful. Love the sherbet one! Yummy colors.

    I loved the Rubber Ducky!

  4. I just love the kitten mitts! They are so cute, I know they will make some child very happy.

  5. The quincy hat is realy quite stylish :). I love the colors on the sherbert hat!! That rubber duck in the river was a hoot!! Would be a sight at the duck races we have at the Cedar River here in Cedar Rapids!!

  6. These hats are the greatest! I'll have to try one of these after Christmas & AFTER I finish the baby blanket.

    The pins are the perfects accent! Wherever do you find them?

    I love the mittens. And...yes, Duckie made me smile! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Whoa, I am behind on my blog reading! Love your hats, they are all so pretty. And thanks for sharing that link; it made me smile, too.