Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Class Show 'N Tell"

How quickly time flies when you are having fun!!!  My neck warmer class ended last week.  We met for four consecutive Tuesdays from 7-9.  Lots of laughter, sharing and more.  Deb opened her beautiful home for us to get together.  Not everyone knew each other but it didn't take long to feel like old friends.

Here's Deb with her beautiful neck warmer.  It's a tad bit large but we discussed how to remedy that after the fact.  Deb has a real eye for buttons.   She has a contagious laugh and often would say something that had us rolling on the floor.  Deb previously took both my mitten and sock knitting classes.  

Sara is a new knitter having just completed by "Beginner Knitting Class" in October.  Already a beautiful knitter, her neck warmer will be gifted to someone special (I didn't say who, Sara. ;>))  Also a quilter, crafting comes easily to her.  I had the opportunity to meet her two daughters recently.  Lovely, lovely girls.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Megan, 9 years old, is knitting a scarf and is doing a wonderful job.  Perhaps I'll be able to show you a picture soon.  Megan loves to fondle fiber.  Molly, age 6 just grabs your heart with her beautiful eyes and smile. 

Laurie is also gifting her neck warmer.  She also did a lovely job knitting and we are keeping a little secret regarding the scarf.  If you want to have fun, invite Laurie to any gathering you may have.  She is the life of the party!!  Laurie and I often get together for lunch and knitting clinics as we work in close proximity of eacch other.

Deb, Laurie and Sara with their neck warmers!

Another Sara had to drop out after the 2nd week due to overextension of her workload.  We missed you, Sara and we hope to see you again.

My next "Beginner Knitting" class doesn't commence till January 25th.  By then I should have my new web site created with detailed instructions and videos for my knitting students.  Four weeks later I start another mitten class.

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Beautiful work. They must have a great teacher!

  2. Beautiful work. You must be a great teacher.. I know ou have fun in these classes. make new friends as well.