Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Stash

One of my readers asked me to post my stash purchase from my trip to Webs and the Yarn Harlot event of last Sunday. Top left to right are:

Blue: 57% Extra Fine Merino 33% Acrylic Microfibre 10% Cashmere
Blue/Pink/Cream: Louisa Harding angora & wool blend

Brown: Plymouth Yarns - Rockin Sox Superwash merino wool, bamboo and nylon

Maroon/Black: Plymouth Happy Feet

Black: Louet Gems - 100% Merino Wool

Webs donated 10% of their sales last Sunday to a local midwife program that was in jeopardy of closing. The total donation was $47,000. When I mentioned in my previous blog that Webs was so very crowded, the total sales were almost $500,000 that day. Staff maintained their composure and provided excellent customer service.

Correction: Kathy told me I had a huge $$$ error in the total. Darn, I think so highly of Webs that I was thinking big while awaiting my new glasses to Can you see the egg on my face?

I forgot to mention the wonderful doorprizes that Webs had at the Yarn Harlot event. For fear of getting the amounts wrong, trust me the prizes were very generous and the winners were delighted. They included Visa gift cards (to help with gas), books, Webs certificates, yarn, etc.

Brian so generously brought along a large bag filled with cotton yarn that he shared with Rebecca and I. I'll be knitting dishcloths and baby bibs.

Brian also compiled and bound a vegetarian cookbook which he gave to me. Lucky me!!!

Need I say more?

Happy Knitting!


  1. Hi Joansie

    Thanks so much for coming to the Harlot event! Just a quick clarification - our donation was approx $4,700 not $47,000 (if only it was that huge) and it was a combination of sales and attendee donations. I don't think a $500,000 day is humanly possible in our store :)

  2. Oh you lucky girl you! I'm drooling! Thanks for sharing photos of your new stash...I can almost feel the softness & the textures of the yarns!

    I wouldn't know where to begin with a new stash like that. I'd want to knit with all of them at once! The new box of crayons syndrome again! LOL! I think I need therapy. How could yarn give you such a high??? Get those knitting needles going my friend. We can't wait to see what all that lovely yarn was destined to be!

  3. You know, I wasn't sure what you had ended up buying! I so LOVE that angora blend lace weight!

  4. What a lovely haul! And I love the button, too. I am so glad you had such a great time, and came home with such wonderful goodies. Thanks for flashing your new additions to the stash.

  5. Look at at the pretties :) I really like that brown too dare I hope it's for me ????
    We had fun last night as only we sillies can-we get alot of looks. I got measured to make a quilted shrug with one of the past members patterns she gave me :)
    So this weekend I'll be looking for that fabric- today I'm off to do some guild errends with a friend who knows what else is in store for us??? Enjoy your day.....

  6. Such a wonderful haul! You came home with waaaay to many wonderful things.

    I do envy you being in the thick of things....we never have any fiber excitement out hear in the wasteland!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow! You have some beautiful yarns there. :) I myslef have been working with a lot of cotton also. :) I love it.