Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Maine Blueberry Socks

I feel like a duck out of water. Having left Yahoo 360 and its many problems, this is my first post on this blog.

These socks, when completed, will be for a friend. More about that in a future post once "all the pieces" come together. I am using size 2 dp bamboo needles just for a break from the "Magic Loop" method.

The name of the free pattern is Blueberry Waffle Socks. However, I decided to call them "Maine Blueberry Socks" because of my fond memories of blueberry picking as a young girl living in Southern Maine.

Many a time, just a very young girl armed with my glass jar, I would venture into the fields and gather blueberries, eating some along the way. Occasionally, my heavy cache caused me to drop my container, breaking as it landed on the ground. Why not a plastic container? Because most products came in glass jars, and very little plastic, it was my family's way of recycling and keeping the earth green even if they were not aware of it at the time.

Blueberry fields are so beautiful. At one stage of the season, the fields are a fiery red. Blueberry farmers burn their fields every other year to promote growth. The plants return the following year more vigorous than ever.

The layout of this blog will be a "work in progress" for a little while. I'm trying not to feel "growing pains".

Happy Knitting!


  1. Welcome to Blogger!!! I have blueberry plants and they are pretty in the fall. One plant is blooming now, it sets fruit early here in So. Cal.
    My blueberry waffles are turquoise, one strand mohair, one strand an even more gorgeous turquoise acrylic (don't normally use acrylic)

  2. Good to see you up and running! I hope you like it here.

  3. These socks are just yummy! Understand about Yahoo, I'm considering just moving over to my other blog for everything!! will keep in touch regardless. big hugs.

  4. Hi Joan,,
    I got that sock pattern on your post on yahoo, and am on my second pair of them,, also had to make some 6- packs of bibs up for a friend.. so I have been a busy little bee here as well... Let me know if you like this site and how to join it,, I must agree 360 had way to many issues...
    Hugs, Sarina

  5. Hi there,
    I moved my 360 here a while ago, just didn't make it well known in case I didn't like it. I love the socks and thanks for the pattern info. I loved picking blueberries every year when I lived in Maine. One year my son Patrick saw something laying in the field and he nudged it with his foot, turned out to be a wild turkey that didn't like being dudged and chased him around the field for about 30 minutes, fun fun fun. Lots of memories from Maine. I'll be trying those socks soon.
    Welocome to blogger! Michelle

  6. Hi Joansie! Thanks for posting the sock pattern! Being a new sock knitter, I appreciate all free patterns for socks!
    How do I attach you to my blog with your new address?

  7. Welcome, welcome, welcome! So glad to see you've moved out of that little tiny cramped blog where the landlord won't fix anything! :)

    Lovely socks! I'm more and more tempted to try that pattern!

  8. Hi!!
    I have blueberry bushes as a hedge along the front of my house. My grandkids love picking them and eating them along the way.

  9. Looks good, Joansie!

    I don't use google much, and haven't figured out how to subscribe to blog content here. Mostly I hang out at Ravelry these days.


  10. Oh there you are :)
    I've added you to my links so I can check out the blog...pretty socks- I'm going to have to come up one weekend and you and Ewey will teach me to knit if it kills me :p

  11. Welcome to your new blog, thanks for inviting me to stay in touch. :) If you don't have my new blog address it is www.kyriemist.wordpress.com please feel free to visit mine as well.


  12. Hey there neighbor! Welcome to Blogger. I hope you will soon feel right at home. I find it so much easier over here.

    Your socks are gorgeous, and I enjoyed reading about your childhood memories.

    By the way, you're right - The Wave was originally meant for my BIL. We'll see what his reaction is, if any, when he sees it hanging in my living room. He's due back from the U.S. in July.

  13. I love the texture of these socks... they really look cozy. Good luck with your transition to blogger. I moved my blog at the beginning of the year - 360 can be so frustrating! You can find me at http://knitterbynature.blogspot.com/

  14. let me know how you like this site and how easy it is to put the pictures in. I'm contemplating, but no decisions. I hate change and would almost rather take a beating than under go changes. sigh

  15. Welcome Aboard! I love your socks -- I will que that pattern to make later. Good lcuk with your new blog.

  16. Hey....I just love the photo of this sock w/the photo of you & your daughter in the background. Great socks, too!