Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In A Slump!

I have been knitting, and am almost done, with the rosette baby sweater. Pictures for you in a day or so.

Also, have been having difficulties leaving messages on 360 blogs. What else is new? Also having problems leaving messages on other blogs where the hosting site is not well-known. Will keep trying to catch up to old blogging friends.

I've been out of sorts with my knitting. I still need to work on the 2nd pair of socks for the exchange with Kim and have been having difficulty finding just the right pattern. I want it to be a pattern that will inspire me to not want to put my needles down.

Kim wants a brown pair of socks. I started a pair and didn't like the yarn till a few inches had been worked. However, if you make a mistake or drop a stitch, you might as well "bag' the project. Tuning in the the stubborn streak that I have, I've started this pattern four times already and have succumbed to defeat. The pattern is not so pretty that it is worth the hassle. So, I will look for other sock yarn and a new pattern at Webs this coming Sunday when I catch up to Briley for the Yarn Harlot event.

I have to tell you this cute story. My former co-worker came to visit last week. I had not seen her two children in quite some time. The conversation went something like this:

Joan: "Keagan, honey, how old are you now?"
Keagan: "I'm three and my sister, Julia, is five!"

There's a pause and...................

Keagan: "And how old are you?"
Joan: (Knowing that I was setting myself up!) "And how old do you think I am?"
Keagan: "I'd say, ahhhhhhhhhhhh 100!" and.............Julia noticing the look of shock on my face...
Julia leans over, cups her hand over Keagan's little ear and says......"No, tell her 89!"...as if that was going to make me feel better!

Don't you just love the innocence of kids!

Happy Knitting!


  1. That's pretty cute! I always tell kids to guess when they ask my age. Usually *I* tell *them* that I'm 100!

  2. My dad always used to say, "Fourty four four."

    Sorry about your slump. Makes life difficult when you can find the project that makes you happy.

    Here's hopin' your knittin' takes off!

  3. gotta love kids :)
    Don't make yourself crazy over the pair of sock- find the simplest one you can and be done already.

  4. Kids! just gotta love them!!

    Have you seen the latest sock pattern at www.knitty.com ? If it is anything like the last pattern I knitted from there it will fantastic!!

  5. ooh wait just wait my mom must be ancient then. I too have been in a slump I wonder if it's the weather change. This time of year reminds me of my wheel.

  6. ROTFLOL, 50, 89, 100, it's all the same to the kids, if you are older than their mom - you're old, but that was funny ;P. My dad has been 29 since he really was 29 :P. Slumps happen, I just work on something else like my spinning, and then I find I want to knit again. It must be a cycle. :)