Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Shelburne Farms Cheese Festival"

My family and I attended the "Shelburne Farms Cheese Festival" last weekend.  Tickets were limited to 1,500 and were sold out 3 weeks before the event.  The wine and cheese pairing dinner, $95/person, was sold out three months ago.  There were about 150 cheese, wine, bread and chocolate vendors.  Classes and demonstrations were available as well. 

There were several buildings beyond what you see in this picture, filled with lots of wonderful cheeses.

We were provided with a lovely cloth bag when we arrived.  My daughter was excited as it was the perfect size for a knitting bag.  It meant she had one for each of her family members. 

This duo cracked me up at this cooking demonstration!  One was a "straight-man", the other the "comedian".

I researched various cheeses ahead of time and was delighted that I found and purchased this "Bijou Cheese".  It won the "gold" at New York's Fancy Food Summer Show.  It is made with goat's milk right here in Vermont.   A little expensive, this little piece was $4 but well worth it.  Treat yourself and try it.  You won't be disappointed.

The chocolates from "Lake Champlain Chocolates" were wonderful.  I ate the chocolate before I was able to take a picture but my favorite was a chocolate combined with sea salt.  Who would think this combinatiion would be so delicious.

There was free "Ben 'N Jerry's" ice cream, wood-fired pizza and LOTS OF CHEESE.  You could go sit on the lawn by the lake or ..................

find a quieter spot to just relax.

Just one of the many buildings on this working farm!  Shelburne is quite the "posh" area of Vermont.  In addition to the breeding farm, there is a museum covering 42 acres of land located along beautiful Lake Champlain.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful time with my family.  At one point there was so much laughter that tears were rolling down my cheeks. 

So, my friends, please allow me to be a grandma on this blog and tell you about these two special young men. 

 Joe, age 15 and my 1st grandchild, hopes to work for NASA as an engineer someday. He is outstanding in math and science.  (notice the shirt)  Joe is working towards becoming an Eagle scout and is close to reaching his goal.

Nick, age 13 on Aug. 4th, is also an outstanding student.  I love hearing him whistle as he walks along.  A very hard worker and knows how to save his money towards the "bigger picture".  He talks about being "successful" in life when he becomes an adult.

Both boys have a great relationship with my daughter and her husband.  They are kind, considerate and respectful.  They play sports as well.   I am truly blessed!!!


  1. What a lovely day! You have every right to be a proud Mom & Grandma.

  2. Ok, so my husband and I would have such a great time there. We love cheese :) Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. And YAY, what a blessing on your handsome Grandsons.

  3. Ooh good cheese. The grandsons are handsome and Nick has that certain twinkle in his eyes. Renate

  4. What a lovely day, and what handsome talented grandsons! Deeply jealous of all that cheese.

  5. I want to go back to Vermont now!

  6. what handsome young men ;). Looks like you all had so much fun!!! You are such a good photographer!! My pictures are well, ummm, awful :P

  7. You have every right to be a proud grandma, they sound like wonderful young men indeed!

    The wine and cheese sound fabulous. LOVE the picture of the 3 chairs...and wish I were sitting in one of them. lol
    Visiting all Bridge Members this am to remind everyone about the blog contest and FREE yarn giveaway. Also sending out a cordial invite to visit my Travel Blog.

    Looking forward to your visits, have a great wkend.

  8. Cheese... by the lake... with grandkids... Could a day get any better than that?

  9. I'm sorry, when ever I hit a snippy Customs officer I report him. I mean him because the woman officers are generaly nicer. And it seem when I cross it is always the US-CBP people that are nasty, not so much the Canadian. I would report them every time!