Monday, August 9, 2010

Nomad (K)Nitter

With my knitting bag in the car and a planned day trip to Northern Vermont and on the spur of the moment, I decided I wanted to cross the border and go into Canada to purchase requested food items that family members were needing.

A couple days ago I went to the DMV to get an "Enhanced Driver's License" which allows you to cross the border.  Just a few states have worked out an arrangment with Canada, Mexico and the Carribean to use this license rather than a passport which is quite a bit more expensive.  The lady at the DMV said the card would be mailed to me and in the interim I could still cross the border with the pictured paper card partially shown above. 

Notice it says ID will NOT be accepted but they let me cross anyway.  Canadian customs were very friendly and even told me where to go shopping for those food items.

It was tempting to go further and head towards wonderful Montreal....but that is for another day.

I crossed the border via Rouses Point, NY

I was delighted when this small little town just over the border was extremely, extremely friendly, freely spoke english with a thick french accent. 

I purchased this special flour that will make a "roux" for my French Canadian family in Maine.  It can not be ordered as the powder may seap out and cause a terror scare.

I purchased "creton" (sorry the package is upside down) which is eaten cold on an english muffin for breakfast.  Not very healthy but once in awhile is ok.

I purchased "squeaky cheese".  I had not had any in decades.  Yarn Harlot has blooged regarding this delicious cheese which has to be eaten usually within 24 hours.  Another favorite using this cheese is "poutine" which is fries topped with this melted cheese and gravy.

As you cross the border, the landscape changes dramatically.  Vermont is so mountainous, whereas Canada is very flat with a lot of farms.  Most housea are made of brick or stone.  They are a very proud people and keep their homes immaculate.
Chickadee heaven!  Acres and acres of sunflowers.

So, I hoped there would be no problem reentering the US. The border guard was very condescending. "What, you don't have a passport?" as if I were offering him a beer and he wanted champagne. "You went to Canada to buy what?" (in a you are kidding me kinda tone) "Can't you buy that in the US?"

Back home the same day and not a stitch was knitted!!!


  1. Thank goodness they let you back in!

  2. I didn't know some states had special licenses. Passports are expensive, we just ours last year and haven't used it yet. Which reminds me, gotta find where I put them away.

    I would think bringing back perishables would be a huge no no. Even back when crossing the border was easier I thought that was restricted.

    Love Montreal, but like you found the people to be very rude even when 99.9% of them speak English.

    Thanks for taking us along, lovely pictures.

  3. Thats cool about the special license :) I had never heard of them before.

  4. Sounds like a fun drive! I wish I had one of those upgraded licenses when I decided to veer off course last week and go to Niagara Falls. N.F. New York is pretty hideous, but no passports kept us from seeing the Canadian side. Just went so my friend (who hadn't been before) could say she had seen the falls, but Canada still would have been better.

    Glad you were able to stock up on some favorite foods. I read the recipe for that creton. I bet you can imagine my thoughts! I hope you enjoy it.

  5. I just renewed my regular driver's license - maybe I should have gone for the enhanced version while I was at it...

  6. It's still hard for me to fathom that you need a passport for Canada. Glad you got your cheese curds etc!

    I could just see me telling the Quebecois, Je suis sourd en Anglais et en Francais. (I'm deaf in English and French.)

  7. Your post reminds me it's been way too long since I've crossed the border into Canada. Heavy sigh...

  8. Never know what happens when you go through customs. I haven't had a passport in years and nearly fainted the other day when I saw how much they are nowadays. Wonderful pics, particularly the food. Renate

  9. Wow! What a lovely day out, and the weather was good too. The cheese looks just so tasty.

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  12. As usual, beautiful pictures!!! I might be tempted to have told that border guard, "Do you want me to take these things back? Do you not want me to spend my money in your country?" Sheesh, I even buy a special flour from Colorado that I need to make Indian Fry Bread, that other flours do not do justice to.