Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Red Scarf Project

The red scarf was started during Superbowl earlier this year (and completed). I'm just getting around to taking pictures. The scarf will be donated to Norma's favorite charity ..... The Red Scarf Project. which supplies scarves for orphaned kids.  I used Cascade 220 but can't remember the name of the pattern.  This is the scarf that is  the center picture of my blog banner.

I've been on vacation.  I'd like to tell you that I lived up to my blog title and went to the ocean and spent my time knitting.  No such luck!  My Toyota with only 44,000 miles behaved like a spoiled child and decided that it wanted attention.  Some of it was expected and about $800 worth not expected.  Get this, $1,500 later the car will be like new.  Fortunately for me, almost $600 was covered by my extended warranty. 

Folks, I am on a self-imposed yarn diet after that bill.  By now, I could work as a consultant on car repairs.  Dealing with all this in a short period of time was a little more stress than I wanted.

For years I have wanted the music box that was on my mom's bureau when I was a little girl

I described it to a friend and he purchased this similar one for me years ago.

The music box plays this song.

I loved it but not the same as the one I was so fond of in my memory.

Recently my mom located the music box in her storage.  It is about 65 years old.  My sister saw it and immediately wanted it.  Nanananananaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......sister, mom sent to me in time for my birthday which was last Sunday.  So sister, take comfort in the fact that you got mom's motor home, boat and $30,000 collectible car.  Not nice, I know...but just once in a while it feels good to be victorious.

There is storage for rings, etc. beneath the lid.  As a child, after my bath and a t-shirt warming on the oven door, my mom would play the music box for me.  The song..........
When I first started learning to play the organ, I even purchased this very simple basic sheet music. (and I mean very basic!!!)

I still need to insert my favorite childhood pictures.

Lonely no more.......they have each other on my bureau!

Happy Knitting!


  1. O cachecol vermelho ficou maravilhoso, prontinho para sert usado no próximo inverno.

    Abraços da amiga do Brasil


  2. Let's test that: I have a clunky-clunk sound on my right front tire. What could cause this?

    Seriously: those are beautiful music boxes. And a gorgeous scarf.

  3. I am so glad you finally got your music box; and it's beautiful. Good childhood memories are usually much better than a motor home. The upkeep of said motor home costs mucho money, and to fill up the thing with gas at today's prices is a fortune. Of course, you could have sold it. Love, Renate

  4. Oh what a wonderful post ! The scarf is lovely. I'm sorry about your car but thank goodness for extended warranties ! No car should be purchased without them. Congratulations on YOUR getting the music box, both are lovely. Did you say yarn diet, I should follow along with you !

  5. The music boxes are so wonderful And I love the song- Let Me Call you Sweetheart. I see my parents dancing to that tune.

  6. That is rough about the car.......
    Love your music boxes. What a treasure you have there.

  7. The scarf is unusual, and lovely!

    I'm so happy for you that you got the music box. Being the only girl, I've received much from my mom over the years (more than the boys, I'm sure), but my mom's not one who tends to hang onto things. I do have the old tin full of her costume jewelry that I remember her letting me play with, though. :-)

  8. Love this posting. We came across my Mom's old jewelery box (circa 1950's). Pink leather. Opened the lid & there was a tiny ballerina dancing in from of the mirror. It played Sweet Dreams or something like that. Inside we found several pieces of Cameo jewelry You got the better end of the deal.

    Love the scarf! The pattern is gorgeous & I can just imagine what it feels like in the Cascade yarn since I'm using Cascade Superwash for my sweater.

  9. The first comment, written in Portuguese says the following....

    "The red scarf was wonderful, just in time to use next winter. Hugs from your friend in Brazil, Dolores."


  10. Your scarf is beautiful, so too are your Music boxes.

  11. The Red Scarf is fabulous, but I always say that about your craft. The 2 music boxes are darling, am so glad you got the one from your Mother, and I understand the nanana, had to laugh and node my head. I don't recall the song Lamp Lighter, but always loved the Robert Louis Stevenson poem with the same title.

    Sorry to hear about your car and hope you make it to the beach in the not to distant future.


  12. Love your red scarf! And my mom had a music box just like the round silver one that you have. But it's not as pretty as your mom's. That one is so elegant.

  13. Happy belated birthday! How wonderful that you got the cherished music box. Oh, and I love the scarf - great pattern, whatever it is.

  14. I've been admiring that scarf in your banner - was wondering what the pattern was. (If you remember, would you tell me, please? Though I might be able to puzzle it out.)
    Sounds like your sister and my sister could be BFFs...

  15. I LOVE your red scarf. If you locate the pattern and would be willing to share, I would love to make one! Thank you.