Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fort Ticonderoga

My older daughter, Amy, and her family visited me a week ago.  We had so much fun!  Our first day was spent at Fort Ticonderoga, NY.  This fort was involved in both the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War.

 Entrance to the fort.

 My daughter and her family standing in front of a "one-man holding cell".

 The woman was actually cooking pea soup over an open fire to the side of her.

 One of the many beautiful brick buildings.

 Fife and drum corps
This young red-headed kid sure could play that drum!  The uniforms were pure wool and immaculate!  It was quite hot the day we were there and none of these folks complained.

 This bi-lingual soldier really knew his history.  (Such a cutie!)

 Just a small view overlooking the lake.  It was breathtaking!  There actually was a demonstration of the firing of muskets and canons.

We ended our day with a picnic at my favorite knitting spot at the Sand Bar.  I really enjoyed watching my daughter and grandchildren swimming where my daughter had so much fun as a little girl.

Yes, I've been knitting.  More on that later this week after I blog about the "Cheese Festival" I attended that left me totally exhilarated.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I love your posts with pictures of fun places to visit. I keep thinking that 'some day' we'll get up to that part of the country. There's so much history, and so much natural beauty. I just wish it (and you) weren't so far away! :-/

    Your photographs are always of superb quality. I envy your camera, as well as your ability to use it! ;-)

  2. I love all of these wonderful pictures. Looks like a really great place to visit. Can't wait to read about the Cheese Festival.

  3. What a beautiful place, excellent photo opportunities you had!! I can imagine it was so nostalgic seeing your daughter's family and children where she once played, so awesome! I can not wait to hear about that cheese festival =) love me some cheese!!!

  4. Beautiful family, lovely photos! So glad you had a good day.

  5. Glad you had such a good trip. I love stuff like this. Nice pictures.

  6. So this is the cheese festival...looks wonderful!!! I think the chocolate with sea salt sounds perfect - then again, I always have to eat something salty right after eating something sweet. Thanks for sharing pictures of your handsome grandsons - you have much to be proud of!

  7. Beautiful photos! What a great time you all had. Wearing wool in summer??? I couldn't handle that at all.