Monday, July 5, 2010

"I Heard The Bells" Mittens

"I Heard The Bells" mitts now available at Knitpicks.  This poem was written by Longfellow who was from my home State of Maine.  In future updates, I will tell you more about the history of this poem and why it is so meaningful to me.

There are two easy color themes available.  One is red, white and green, the other is yellow, blue and white (?)The downloadable pattern is only $1.99.

"Knitting In Color" is the designer.  Her blog offers a tremendous amount of information on fair isle knitting.  Check it out.  The picture below is from her web site

I spent the day yesterday at my favorite knitting spot....The Sand Bar State Park.  I knitted just beyond what you see in the picture below.  I have the first round of words completed.  It's difficult to put this project down.  I am so loving it!

I love my 4" Knitpicks Harmony needles.  However, I found the points to be so sharp and hurting the palm of my hand.  Using the point protectors helps a lot.  The points on these needles and the yarn glides along just the way I like.

Inside looks pretty good, you think!

We are experiencing the three "H's" in Vermont.  "Hot, Humid, and Hazy" with temperatures above 90 degrees for three consecutive days is what is needed to fit the description.  We are on a "roll" with no relief in site.  

So hot today that I wanted to go through the car wash just to have a sense of being cool and give my poor car a break. 

So yesterday, feeling totally dehydrated after a day at the lake and the soda just was not quenching my thirst, I stopped by McDonald's to get a Reese's Snack Size McFlurry.  The kicker is that I asked for a LARGE ice water and was told I could only get a small.  In the McDonald world of "supersize" I couldn't get a large water because it is not in their computer system.  Go figure....huh!

Happy Knitting!


  1. I love the mittens, but could not knit them with 4" needles. I need at least seven inchers. The inside of your mitten looks fabulous. Renate

  2. Wow, I love it! I think I saw an article in Piecework about mittens with poetry knitted into them - I know I saw it somewhere and wondered if I could fit my favorite poem in - or if they would end up being shoulder-length mittens. LOL!

    It's 3H here in Ohio, too. I'm seriously ready for winter. Or ready to move somewhere that never gets about 80.

  3. Wow, you're actually making those while I just dream about that sort of knitting. Cool!

  4. I think they look perfect! I can't wait to hear more about the poem.

  5. What a wonderful post. I love that poem too. I'm afraid I can't read it without hearing the tune that I've always heard it accompanied by. I'm going to have to download that pattern. Isn't Knit Picks great?