Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time To Own Up!

You are all familiar with the “shell game” where your eyes are trying to keep up so that you guess correctly which pea is under which shell. That’s how I feel right now.

It’s time to “own up” faithful readers and new readers alike and make me feel better. How many UFO’s (unfinished objects) do you have? It doesn’t have to be knitting. Ha! That means Melissa (a crocheter) and Kim (a quilter) have to participate. If Mel (a quilter) still reads my blog, she has more UFO’s than 10 of us combined. Are those UFO’s simple projects? Almost completed? Perhaps you can’t even remember where the heck you last put project that you had some much enthusiasm about but like a balloon, quickly deflated.

Make me feel less compulsive about starting new projects. I have a baby sweater I started for my grandchild. It only needs one more front button band. It’s assembled. But who am I kidding, it won’t fit him as he is now 13 years old. It won’t even fit the youngest grandchild who is only two. I don’t like the sweater. There are many prettier patterns and yarns out there. So, do I waste 1 hr. (or maybe 2) of my precious knitting time and complete this albatross around my neck? or devote that time to something I truly enjoy?

I’d take pictures of all these UFO’s of mine but it would blow up the memory card in my camera.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I am running and hiding in the corner under my pile of projects. :)

  2. Haha! I'll be checking in to see if anyone owns up to their multitude of projects hanging around the house!!

  3. Ha! I see what our "conversation" has inspired! LOL! The gazillion UFO's. If I were to try to count all of my UFO's....I would need back-up...just so that I wouldn't lose count & be true to myself. I also have some of my youngest DD's UFO's all around the house, too. I guess they learn by example, huh? But, you also have to realize that all these UFO's are not all my fault. If you & Lizzie hadn't been such enablers in me learning to knit all those socks. Opps...I have some socks waiting for their mates, too. LOL! How many UFO's do I have? Wait....I'll have to get back to you on that....maybe in the New Year! LOL!

  4. I have a sweater I started knitting in 2001. All it needs is steeking.

    As to the baby sweater, knit that button band, and give it to Women Helping Battered Women, or the FAHC Vermont Children's Hospital. Your grandkids may not need to keep warm this winter, but someones do.

  5. I have :
    2 pairs of mittens(1 pair started in Nov, one started yesterday- both will be Xmas pressies)

    4 Afghans: 1 Xmas present, 1 for me, 2 that will never be finished, and I just haven't had the heart to frog or burn

    1 Shawl

    Gerry's Xmas gift

    A market bag

    A Doll that will hopefully be a Christmas gift, but was meant to be an ocassionless gift last fall.

    So, 10WIPs/UFOs (11 if I want to own up to that modular baby blanket that is in pieces in a box somewhere- I don't even know where. I will frog or burn that one too).

    Now you have to tell us what you have!

  6. Hmmm, okay, confession is good for the soul:
    1 crocheted project
    2 cross-stitched projects
    6 knitting projects
    4 quilting projects

    The cross-stitch projects are on indefinite hold, as are 2 of the knitting and 3 of the quilting projects. But each week I work a bit on 4 knitting, 1 crocheting, and one quilting project.

    We're not counting projects for which we've bought yarn, floss, thread, patterns, fabric, etc., but have not yet technically begun, right?

  7. I have to go to Ravelry to figure out how many UFOs...about eight long term ones and a couple of new WIPs....

  8. Ack! My list of UFO's is LONG. I'd have to hunt all over the house to even count them all. I have them stored in a wicker laundry basket in the sunroom, in two drawers of the dresser in my daughter's old bedroom, in various knitting bags around the house, that I grab to take with me when traveling. I'm really bad about not finishing things. I'll try and do better next year. Do I sense a New Year's resolution coming on? ;-)

  9. hmm- does it count if i've already thrown the unfinished project away? how 'bout if i've bought the materials and not even started?

    assuming those 2 don't count (if they did, we'd be here all night):
    1 men's shirt (sewn)75% complete
    1 knitted necktie- 75% complete
    1 skull mitten (note: singular- it was too small) complete except the thumb
    1 adult size tomten jacket
    1 knitted toy animal (intended to be part of a set i was designing)
    1 lace dishcloth (more than half done)
    2 crocheted dishcloths

    those i consider UFO's, as opposed to WIP's:
    1 blanket- my long-term, no hurry to get it done, mindless TV watching knitting project
    the tomten jacket (i changed my mind- it's a wip, not a ufo)
    new pair of skull mittens (first done except thumb, #2 is 2/3 done)

    i think that's most of it, but i'm sure i've forgotten stuff!

    and yes, you bet i'll be starting more! some baby stuff- baby due next month, mittens for a Christmas gift exchange at work, a pair of mittens for my boss (because he liked mine so much) and a pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter.

    does that help you feel better, Joansie?

    take care!