Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My UFO's

My blogging readers are very observant. You noticed that I had not listed my UFO’s and took me to task.

I must say that I really chuckled at your comments. I knew who anonymous was by the list before I reached his name at the bottom. Melissa wrote her list on her own blog. She may have the most UFO’s. Some of you regulars did not respond, either because you have no UFO’s or you are afraid to own up to the numbers….lol. Before you get to the list…

Have you read the Yarn Harlot today and the needles she has fallen in love with. $45 for a pair of dps is quite exorbitant but I sure would love to try a pair. I’d have to treat them like gold so as not to lose one.

  1. Sienna Cowl (50% completed-started this week)
  2. Fanning Flame Mittens (60% completed)
  3. Diagonal Lace Hat (50% completed-started this week)
  4. Tractor Child’s Sweater (40% done – recently started – must finish for next year)
  5. Baby Sweater (50% completed-not due till March)
  6. Julia Shawl (10% knitted-will be frogged as this pattern deserves much nicer yarn)
  7. Burnt Orange Vest (40% done – don’t like it, don’t have the heart to frog it)
  8. Black Cable Mitten (50% done – gave as a Christmas Present last year and person has not had the other arm amputated so I should finish this)
  9. Not So Manly Mitten (50% done – probably will never get finished)
  10. Entrelac Socks (75% completed)
  11. Pink Baby Sweater (70% done – not due till I have a granddaughter – probably never)
  12. Dusk Cable Socks (50% done – on the needles for about 2 years)
  13. Petticoat Socks (50% done- on the needles for about 3 years)
  14. Blue Baby Sweater (99% done – on the needles for the last 13 years)
  15. Autumn Socks (50% done – not a priority)
  16. Braid and Bobble Hat (40% done – not sure I have enough yarn, lost my place in the pattern)
  17. Blue Tweed Child Sweater – (60% done – started by another knitter and my job to finish it for my grandchild)

There are UFO's in my ex's possession from the days of my divorce..but we won't even go there. They have probably rotted with age by now.

This does not take into account my cross stitch UFO's.

Happy Knitting!


  1. $45.00 a pair...holly mooly. I'll stick to my set of Denise needles...though don't have DP's.

    You've got quite a list, I'm making headway with my UFO's, I keep each project in a canvas tote so I can grab and go, even if just to the living room to work on said item:
    Blue tote 1: Candy Corn Ghan
    Blue tote 2: fuzzy yarn that was suppose to be several scarfs (haven't actually even started, perhaps I'll take the yarn bag to it's closet?.
    Red tote 1: Pink and Purple Ghan, thinking about frogging it...not quite what I wanted
    Blue tote 3: Bernat Soft Baby yarn, used so far to make 1 sweater, 1 pair of booties and working on matching hat...have more, it might make it's way back to the shelf
    Blue tote 4:..oh my goodness, just looked and realized it's not a UFO, but the yarn left from the last several projects that needs to be put away...oh happy day, just need to sort by color and put back in my storage bags.

    Large bag of yarn...hasn't even made it to a tote yet...for a ghan for a gal at work, haven't even started it, only got yarn to match her sofa, barely a beginning.


  2. Yep, saw that. I use 5 dpns though, so I'd need to pay $55 for a set! Sheesh, maybe if I were knitting straw into gold or something...

    Now, I differentiate between UFOs and WIPs (works in progress). The UFOs are things that haven't been worked on in awhile, WIPs are things I work on regularly.

    My UFOs include: sweater for me, sweater for Meital, lace trim, a doll from World of Knitted Toys. My WIPs are: socks for Avi and Meital, fingerless gloves for my niece.

    My cross stitch UFOs... yep, got those, too.I can think of at least three off the top of my head.

    Guess I'd better go pick up a needle (or 5)!

  3. It was $32 for a pair of simple straights, slightly cheaper than a pair of Grafton Fibers needles, which I love. I'm going to wait till Stitches West in hopes of getting a good look at them, and in hopes that by then they'll have some circulars. They do look interesting, but I'm not a straights fan.

    As for UFOs... I have no idea. It would take me hours to try to find everything. Seriously.

  4. wow I thought only quilters had ufos -lol

  5. Wow, that is a list and a 1/2! I have to say that I am only working on the invisibiltiy shawl and some yarn I am spinning. Then there are those UFO's from my mom that I want to finish, but I didn't start them :P. So they don't count right? :P What if you work on your favorite project and then oldest, then your next favorite and then the next oldest until you get caught up? But then that wouldn't account for the new projects that just have to be started :P.

  6. LOL! I have so many OTN that I ham afraid to take inventory -- your'e a brave woman!

  7. Wow! How can you keep track of all those projects? If I'm away from a project to long, I can't get back into it, so I just frog it completely. I've probably frogged more than I've knitted.