Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fanning The Flame Mittens-Finished!!!

Pattern: Fanning The Flame Mittens
Yarn: Jitterbug - 1 skein
Needles: Size 1
I'm quite proud of these mittens. I looked back in my posts and I briefly wrote about them on Oct. 15th. and then promptly lost one of the finished mittens and recovered between the seats of my car!!!

This type of mitten falls in the "modular knitting" category. With a provisional cast on at the fingertips, each fan is knitted by picking up stitches on the side of two of the fans. I was totally confused at first and had to return to my LYS to view their finished mitten and then it was easy.
When I reached the thumb portion, it just didn't seem right. My goodness the opening was huge...........because.............
The thumb is actually knitted to fit your thumb very comfortably. Most mittens have a circular opening, this pattern doesn't.
I must have started the thumb on the 2nd mitten at least three times. This is where "stubborn" works to my advantage.
Mittens were completed and then I knitted the neck warmer I posted a couple of days ago. I forgot to mention in that post that the neck warmer has a unique bind off reminiscent to a Kitchner stitch without joining two edges. It makes the item more elastic and I love it. So, I ripped out the last couple of rows to this mitten and used that method to bind off.
These mittens were very time-consuming. Not the kind of project you knit while chatting with friends.
Happy Knitting!


  1. Cool. Someday I'm going to try modular knitting, just to say I did, if nothing else.

  2. The mittens are beautiful! The cast off for the neck warmer sounds like EZ's sewn cast off. I use that often- I hate the act of doing it, but love the results.

    I hope you have a very happy New Year, and I hope you are having a great Vacation.

  3. So very pretty! The thumb opening is very nice, too. Great idea.

    I'm with Briley: EZ's sewn cast off? It's great for stretchy bind offs!

  4. Wow absolutely stunning. Gotta make me a pair of these mittens.

  5. OMG! The mittens are fabulous!! I'll bet everyone that sees them will want a pair! Very nic!

  6. I am so behind on your blog! The mittens are stunning and well worth all the time and effort you put into them. Great job!

  7. Yeah, I thought these fans would be a little pattern I could get into my head, but no. It took more concentration than I expected, but still a cool pattern. Your colorway goes beautifully with the scarf in the first pic!