Friday, May 22, 2009

Magic Loop Lacy Socks!

Yarn: Sockotta Fingering
Needles: Size 2, 40" cable
Pattern: My own (modified) available later

The socks that are pictured are the socks created during the current sock knitting class that I finished teaching last night. I was so excited to have this class “sold out”. I’ll only accept a maximum of eight students.

I was “bumped out” of reserved space at the library for the first two sessions with no forewarning. There was a 30 piece tuba, trumpet band in there in my place. I definitely could not shout over that noise. So getting a room five minutes before the start of class was a little stressful as well as trying to gather everyone coming in from different directions.

So last week, I overheard one of the gals say to another, “This is so much fun!” I was delighted, absolutely delighted to be doing something I thoroughly enjoy, meeting new knitters, and getting paid good money for doing so.

I’m headed to Denver on June 3rd. I need to finish one neck warmer, start another and knit at least six dishcloths. Think I can do it?

The MRI for a possible acoustic neuroma was two days ago (no results yet) and I’ll post about that separately.

Now don't laugh too hard, but getting ready for an MRI is quite humbling. They have you peel most of your clothes and put on a "johnny". You are told you can keep your socks on. Way to go......I was wearing a pair of handknits and the technician noticed them. You just have to look at the little pleasures in life!!

Which reminds me, when I was about to have my first baby many years ago, my wonderful aunt presented me with a gift of three "johnnies"...all were pastel in color, frilly and feminine. It's one of my many precious memories of her.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Gorgeous socks. I'm having fun (?) trying to decide what to take with me while house sitting at my BFFs tomorrow-Thursday. Then Saturday I leave for my vacation. So many projects and for some reason, I'm enamoured with the st st of the Kimono sweater!

    When do you expect your MRI results?

  2. Very nice socks, both the color and the lace are spot on.

  3. The socks look awesome. I'm so glad you are enjoying teaching the classes. I know the extra money is a blessing, but being able to make it doing something you love is a wonderful added bonus :). Have a great Memorial weekend :).

  4. Love the socks! I loved wearing handknit socks in the hospital; they were a great antidote to hospital gowns, and I loved the people who noticed them so I could brag on my friends for knitting them for me.

  5. I love those ML Lacy socks. I love the pattern & the color! I've never heard of a "Johnny" before, that's neat.

    Finish 1 neck warmer & start another & 6 dishcloths by June 3rd??? I don't know. Are you going to give up sleep? LOL! Keep us posted on all fronts please.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous socks - I love the color and the pattern.

    And how utterly satisfying it must have been to overhear that comment. :)

  7. I haven't been online in awhile, but was wondering if you had news yet of the MRI.

    Now, educate this ignorant southerner; what is a johnnie? :-o

  8. Joansie that is one beautiful sock. Love the color too.I need to get back to socks again.
    Elsie <><