Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Neck Warmer!!

Not a very good picture as the lighting is difficult today but I didn't want to write a blog without pictures.

This neck warmer is my latest project. I was able to knit this in an afternoon. I need to knit two of them in different colorways and I should be able to reach that goal as it is an easy knit. The neck warmers will be for two women distantly related to my mother through marriage that have been trying to help her with her many medical appointments, etc. I have never met them but will on June 3rd when I arrive in Colorado for two weeks. It feels a little strange gifting a winter item in June.

I tried inserting a couple of hyperlinks to the other neck warmers using this same pattern but Blogger is being stubborn so I will try tomorrow. The others are very lovely.

The color in the picture is more representative of the true colorway. Notice the yarn problems I am having. The yarn is Manos silk/wool and a little $$$ so I expect it to be better quality.

Here's another problem with yarn on the toddler sweater that I am knitting.

Jakob's Hoodie Sweater - It was a very long row and I didn't want to frog back so I will mend it when completed and no one will know the better. I only have the sleeves left to knit and then it will be done. It seems it took as long to knit the hood as it did the body of the sweater. I will tease you and tell you that I found the perfect buttons, absolutely perfect. I'll show them when the sweater is finis!!!

I was reading a very interesting article while waiting in the doctor’s office today. It was about the making of a sweater and "The Golden Fleece" . (<--click) The sweater pictured in National Geographic (August 2008) sells for $4,575. Yes, that amount is correct and not a typo. So I went on the web to find out more. How about this Vicuna suit. (<----click)Obviously, some folks are not experiencing the recession. The fiber sells for $250/ounce.

I’m really bummed that I didn’t get to go to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival. I understand the weather was nice there (thunderstorms here) and that it was fantastic.

For those of you who live along the East Coast somewhere, have you received your “Stitches East” brochure? The convention is being held in Hartford, CT this year (October). There are 151 different classes being offered, never mind all the fiber you can purchase. (Google it!) I plan on going to that one.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Joansie, Is it still cold in Colorado ? I hope you have a great visit . I am knitting a baby sweater to mail to Colorado .
    I been meaning to ask you,,, What did you decide about using the Pirate buttons ?

  2. Have a great visit with your mom, I wish I could visit with mine.

    I would love to spin some vicuña fiber :P. But yeah, at 250 an ounce it's a bit out of my range ;P. Someday when I meet that handsome rich prince ;P.

  3. I love the coloway on Jakobs sweater . I hate problems with yarns. For the money you wouldn't expect it.

  4. I hope you have a great visit. :)

  5. Maybe ten years ago, you couldn't buy baby alpaca yarn anywhere. Alpaca was sold worldwide by the weight, and the finer-fleeced animals, being lighter and not paying their way, were slaughtered for rugs and the like. The idea that the First World would pay more for the softer fibers was met with derision at first--till an American textile importer managed to talk one Peruvian mill into giving it a try.

    About that time, I googled and came up with one source only, apparently from that mill--where I bought dozens of cones over the next year and a half, most of which I've knitted up by now.

    And now you can buy baby alpaca and blends of it anywhere.

    I've been waiting for about that long too for vicuna to also come on the American market; used to be, you could only legally have it if you bought it in Peru and flew it here yourself. The day will come... (Let's hope we're all rich by then.)

  6. I'm bummed....the first picture isn't showing....

  7. I *love* that neckwarmer! You do come up with the prettiest patterns.

    And some day I'm going to get to a Stitches. When you do go (151 classes - WOW!) be sure to post a bunch about it so we can live vicariously through you. :)

  8. The neckwarmer is lovely, Joansie; and my experiences in Colorado have proved that a neckwarmer could even be enjoyed there some in the summertime, in the mornings or evenings.

    Will you get a chance to check out yarn shops while you're visiting your mom?

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