Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good News!!!

Because everyone likes to see a picture included in a blog post, I'll tell you more about these pics after I tell you my good news.

I returned to see my ENT doctor today for my MRI results. I DO NOT have an acoustic neuroma. I am relieved. They think I had a viral infection that affected my hearing instead. Thanks to so many of you for your prayers, support, e-mails. etc. It was very heartwarming!

The pictures of the hot air balloons were taken about three years ago. The flight path for the balloons from the festival goes right over my house. It is fun, fun, fun!!!

Many of you asked me what is a "Johnny Gown" (<--click) that was mentioned in my previous post. I guess I didn't realize that it is a geographical term. It reminded me of a blog post from a few years ago where readers commented on terms they were familiar with depending on where they lived. So here goes....add any that you can think of.

Johnny Gown - patient gown - exam gown
Creemie - soft serve - ice cream
Loaded - the works - everything
Bag - sac
Soda pop - tonic - Coke, Pepsi


  1. Hip hip horray!!! I'm soo relieved to hear your good news, I'll bet you are too!! Oh, I've had you in my prayers and will continue prayers for you to have a safe trip to your mother and back. Thank -you for sharing! I'm so happy for you!

  2. PTL! Oh, I'm so relieved & happy for you!


    P.S. I see that you got the hype-link thing working again, too.

  3. Fantastic! What excellent news. I'm so pleased for you.

  4. Good news! How sad they scared you to death before running the tests....

    Hospital gown, soft serve, everything on it, bag, soda (although I grew up in the Midwest where it was "pop")

  5. Oh Praise the Lord for that great news! I'll bet you feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. :)

  6. YAYYY...!!!! Now go have a --creemie? Really? Okay, Johnnie gown I could figure out but I would have been scratching my head if you hadn't explained.

  7. Read your comment on Yarnplayer's blog. Glad to hear that you have nothing that a few antibiotics can't clear up! There is a great book w/dvd 'Learn to Tat' by Janette Baker. You can get it online or maybe at a hobby lobby (if you have one.) you can also get tatting supplies online. This book is fantastic! It takes you thru every step of tatting and you will learn to tat! If you can't find a tatting buddy to show you than go with this book! Love the pics.

  8. Wonderful news...
    All I can think of is;

    Dinner - supper
    you all - every body
    Bag -sac -poke

    Elsie <><

  9. I already knew this news, but it's great to read it again!

    Here's some more regional terms:

    sprinkles - jimmies
    milkshake - frappe - cabinet
    drinking fountain - bubbler
    soda pop - pop - soft drink (that's what we used to say)
    you all - y'all - you guys

  10. It's wonderful you have gotten good results. That's great news.

  11. Hi Joansie, a voice from the past. Just found your blog (wellllll, finally had the energy to search for it.) Glad to hear you are doing better. Yahoo has made up it's mind; they are shutting down 360. So I have to start another blog. I'm calling it "An Old German's Knit Blog." I haven't added post yet, but will continue to tinker with it, so I can post this weekend. Continued good health. Renate

  12. Praise God for the wonderful news!!! This is the first chance I've had to check back here this week, but I did some serious praying for you (along with others, I'm sure) prior to the MRI. God is good!

    As to the terms you listed, aside from Johnnie for gown, I'd also not heard of "creemie". The others are all familiar to me.

  13. Very glad for the good news!! The socks look very cool, I love to look at color work, just don't like to do it ;P. The ballons bring back a ton of memories for me too, They had a ballon fiesta in Albuquerque every fall, what a sight it was. :)