Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival & Diamondy Socks

I've been busy, really busy but I found time to complete several projects that were UFO's for some time. Above are my completed Diamondy Socks. See August 2nd post for free pattern and details.

Last weekend, Brian (<--click) came to visit. He and I and my co-worker, Rebecca, went to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. There were fewer vendors this year and fewer attendees but it was still a lot of fun.
Here is a pic of Brian knitting with these giant needles that were designed to knit up your leftover stash quickly (ie. six strands at a time). "Big Stitch Knitting" (<--click) Look at the price of these needles! Wow!
Brian arrived with a wonderful basket of hand-knitted items for me such as dishcloths, bath mitt, candles, hand creams, etc. Such a thoughtful guest! He also spent quite a bit of time teaching me different methods of spinning! I also had a crochet lesson. That finished project will be posted later this week.Now, here is a new way of dyeing your yarn. I felt bad for this poor animal. Tell me she doesn't know that she looks different! Worse yet, this sheep belonged to my daughter's friend from high school and who was her maid of honor at her wedding.

Check out this electric spinner! It was quite interesting!

I took very few pictures at the wool festival. It was horribly humid and I was carrying too many bags to keep digging for my camera. I was enjoying the moment(s)!!!

Happy Knitting/Spinning!!


  1. bahahahahaha
    I love that sheep,
    We used to dye my friends poodle weird colors with food coloring
    used red to make pink for Valentine's Day
    green for St Paddy's Day. One of my guild friends has those needles and was knitting something last Wednesday they were HUGE

  2. Wow that looks like soooo much fun!!!! Love the goat :P, angora? I still have some UFO's from my mom that someday I will dig out and finish. Right now I'm spinning some sport weight for Hermione's hat for my grand daughter for Christmas. :)

  3. Awww! What a cute sheep. :) Can't wait to find out more about your crochet lesson. :) Woo Hoo! you did some crochet. Now if only I could do some knitting. :) I did buy myself a learn to knit kit. But havn't tried it out yet. I learn better by watching someone else. :)

  4. Ooh Awesome about the Broom stick needles. Mohair in Motion also carries them. Festivals are notorious to be held on the most humid hottest days you could imagine, but they are so much fun.

    Ooh the sheep was fed Kool-Aid right? That's what we tell the little ones that come to our booth when they see colored wool.

    Glad you had fun

  5. Wow! Love the color & the design of the socks!

    Those knitting needles are way too big for me. Whatever would you make on those anyway??? My poor hands would cramp up.

    Poor sheep....even if it is my favorite color. LOL!

    A couple of years ago, a woman was fined, because she dyed her toy poodle different colors. I think it was in New Jersey.

  6. Beautiful socks!

    Yeah, I felt bad for the goat as well.

  7. It's thinking, eh, don't let it get your goat.

  8. Great pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Yay for you! :) One day I would love to go to a knitting-related festival, fair, or workshop....

  9. Wow...6 strands at a time, that means it takes 6 times the normal amount of yarn? I've always been confused by that...does it, or does it take less because rows are so much fatter etc.? What does one make with something that thick?

    LOVE your diamond socks, beautiful color and pattern. They look so soft and comfy.


  10. maybe next year I can come too???? I need my hair spun...do you do that???? maybe brian can figure something out....giggle...
    thanks for all your support!

  11. Ha1 Thanks for the tip on the big knits. I think I'm going to drop a hint to my son to see if he'll make me a pair in woodworking shop.

    : )

    Happy knitting, - Jennifer