Sunday, September 14, 2008

Camouflage Socks

Pattern: Any child sock pattern will do
Yarn: Regia Galaxy Sock Yarn
Needle Size: 2 (Magic Loop)
I purchased this yarn on sale at my LYS when Brian and I were shopping last weekend. I really didn't feel there was anything special about these socks, the yarn, etc. However, I was knitting them for a very special person, my grandson Jakob, age 21 mos.
The blue is more pronounced in the pictures than in person. I usually don't like "fraternal" socks (mine, not other people's)but in this case, seeing they look like camouflage, I find it acceptable.
I knitted a plain K2, P2 ribbing as I wanted the socks to hug his little legs and not fall to his ankles as he is quite slender. By knitting this ribbing, the socks can also be folded and worn as crew socks.

For those of you who migrated from Yahoo 360, you probably remember Ewey. (<--click) She had a craft show last year when the NE Street Rodders (<--click) were in town and I worked with her. I'll be doing it again for a short while this Saturday. It's always so much fun. The people are so friendly and the cars so interesting and speaking of cars................

When I was 18 I wanted a blue Camaro so bad. That's all I talked about. Well it hasn't happened yet! (The operative word being "yet".) Today, there was a blue Camaro parked next to my car. Now, mind you that occasionally I will see a Camaro but never a blue one. The owner was sitting behind the wheel. He told me it was a '95 and get this.................he has owned 23 Camaros in his short lifetime (about 35 years). Somehow, there is an inequality think!!!

Happy Knitting/Spinning!


  1. Those are going to look sooooo cute on your grandson!!! He will love them :).

    Yeah, that is not right, that guy having so many Camero's and you didn't get your blue one, what's up with that :P. I wanted a 67 Mustang, I didn't get one of those either ;P. GTO's were cool too :). Cars were really cool when we were young, you could tell from a distance what was it was, now they all look so much alike. :(

  2. The socks look great. I really need to knit socks for my grand children. Maybe a pair tucked into each Christmas stocking instead of mittens this year. Thanks for the inspiration

  3. I can't believe you have already knit a pair of socks from that yarn! I haven't even looked at mine yet. I did, however spin up the $.99 fleece. Hopefully I will be posting photos soon.

    Have fun with Ewey!

  4. how cute! i love them with the little teddy bear!

  5. Great socks! I think that those colors are perfect for a boy or a girl. Did you have a lot of yarn left over when you when done since these were made child-size?

    I'm starting to think about left over sock yarn. I don't have a big collection....yet. ;-)

    Maybe this?:

  6. Cute little socks...reminds me I need to get some more little socks knit....

    Jakob looks so old. The pics I have of Lucas still looks like a baby. 'Course Lucas would make two of Jakob!

  7. I love the "camo" socks for Jakob! I bet he'll never take them off!
    It's not fair that someone so young should have so many cars in such a short life.