Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lady Butterfly Hat and Vest

Pattern:  Lady Butterfly Hat and Vest (can be found on
Yarn:  I think it is Plymouth but I've misplaced the ball band
Size:  6 mos-6 yrs.
Needles:  Size 4
My older daughter, Amy, and I are knitting this pattern.  She's knitting the hat and I'm knitting the vest.  She lives in Rhode Island and I live in Vermont, of course, so it is nice when we get together and work on this project.  It's quality mother/daughter time together.
The pattern is a simple 4 row repeat, well-written and very easy to follow.  The bottom edge of the both pieces is picot which lends a very nice look to the pieces.  

The back is completed and the front is almost done.  The assembly and picking up stitches around the arms and neck is what will be more time-consuming.  The cable is the "body" of the butterfly and notice that the top cable is larger as that will be the "head" with the antennae later attached along with the wings.

This little gadget was purchased at WEBS.  It makes twisted cords.  You can also purchase it with three or more clips for additional cording (i.e. three colors, etc.) Here's a link to YouTube to see how it works.....

I blogged recently after a long absence.  It was so nice to hear from old friends.  The knitting/crocheting community is so wonderful.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I love it! Finally get to see the vest that you've been knitting. What a wonderful mother/daughter project.

    I'm not too sure what that gadget does that you picked up at Webs.

  2. Those butterflies are too cute!

  3. I've popped in a few times, nice to see you're at it again. What a darling set and the little one is precious! Glad you're enjoying some mother daughter time. DD and I have some time slated for next month for mother and daughter time.

  4. What a cutie pie and what a fun outfit!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! Miss your posts, guess rl has intervened :P.