Friday, May 8, 2015

Heritage Print Socks

Oh, poor neglected blog.  I think of you often with promises to return soon and finally I have done so.  I periodically receive e-mails from some of my faithful followers asking me what I am up to.   I am always so pleased when that happens.
I have several knitting projects on the needles.  Starting a new project gives me an excuse to buy more, newer and better needles.   In the next week or two, I hope to gather some of those projects and complete them. 

I’ve been knitting a pair of grey socks for my daughter and because I can’t remember the pattern repeat and the color is downright boring, I decided I needed to knit something totally mindless.  I selected a “vanilla” pattern, the kind where you can just knit on and on and on while watching tv, stuck in a traffic jam or watching a softball game.
I purchased the sock yarn at Webs, “America’s Largest Yarn Store”.  Affordable at only $12 for a 100 gram skein that will knit an adult-size pair of socks fit the bill.  The twist in the yarn is nice. 

However, as I knitted along, the center-pull skein started to fall onto itself and I had quite the mess.  It took at least a couple of hours to untangle it all.  If you have been knitting for awhile, I’m sure you can relate.   I had such a mess and I now wish I had taken a picture so you could give me a little sympathy, I contemplated just throwing out the project.  I was so desperate that I even invited the cat to lend a little help.  Fortunately, my daughter who is also a knitter, came to my rescue.

I used the “Knitter’s Pride” Karbonze knitting needles.  They took a little getting used to but I do like them a lot.  At first, I felt like I was knitting with plastic needles from days gone by.   They have proven to be quite sturdy.   The stitches glide easily and the points are just right for fingering-weight yarn.  The only disadvantage is that the black needles are not friendly when it comes to knitting with darker yarns.  On the positive side, it is just an excuse to buy other needles.  Buying needles is like having lots of crayons as a child.  You agree?

Happy Knitting!


  1. Nice post. I love the yarn & the needles. Sometimes we all need to do some easy going knitting. I like the reference to a box of new crayons. I still like a new box of crayons, pens, pencils & markers. One can never have enough yarn or knitting needles.

  2. Had to laugh and nod when I read about the skein and the mess. I just recently purchased a ball winder, thinking that would help me from having parts of skeins not in good shape, plus maybe make it easier to weight and know what I have vs constantly guessing. However, I'm feeling like the cone thing should be longer so I could wind a larger cake. But...I guess they're all the same size? I didn't pay much, looking on line I couldn't really see much of a difference from one model to another...but maybe I overlooked something? Hear ya on the black needle thing, eyes just don't see as well as night knitting with the dark.

    Popping round to let everyone know there's a contest!

    sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  3. Nice to see you!
    Thank you for explaining why I have so many sock needles - I was starting to wonder... 8)

  4. Great yarn. When I first saw the pic I thought a sweater was in the making, but then who would knit a sweater from the sleeve cuff up! LOL. I do think it would make a lovely matching sweater. I hear ya on the yarn mess. Hubby's grandmother was an expert in undoing messes. Since she has passed away I've had to struggle through what one gal called "yarn throw up" (great term). Glad to see you posting here again. :)