Monday, January 20, 2014

Let's Talk Socks

I confess.  My name is Joan and I am addicted to knitting socks like a diva is addicted to chocolate.

Free pattern at:
This picture did not capture the truly beautiful colors of this yarn.

This mock cable stitch is a repeat of 5 rows and so very easy to knit.

I've not had good luck with Plymouth yarn.  I had speckles of dye in places it should not have been.  However, this yarn began to pill in the process of knitting.  It has some elasticity to it so if you drop a stitch it's like it goes "boing" like a "Slinky" going down a flight of stairs.

Have I convinced you that I am addicted to sock knitting?  It's an easily potable project.  It's a great stress-reliever to knit while waiting for an appointment.  An added bonus is opens up a conversation with strangers when their curiosity wants to know what you are knitting.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I think that knitting has kept me sane all these years. Knitting is relaxing for me & sure does help relieve stress.

    I like those sock & the yarn. I'm very interested in trying out those Karbonz needles. You certainly for a lot sock knitting books. I see that you have a couple of books on knitting socks from the toe up. Have you ever tried it?

  2. You don't mind my giggle at potable projects? West Virginia could use some of those... (Said the woman who's constantly having to proofread what her own fingers mistype.)

  3. Those are really pretty, I'll have to start knitting socks :P