Saturday, January 4, 2014

Drop Stitch Scarf

(Free Pattern Included)

Yarn:  1 skein Stacy Charles Luna Yarn (kid mohair and silk)
           1 skein Stacy Charles Stella Yarn (silk)

Needles:  Size 10  US (original pattern called for Size 11 but I didn't like the look)
Scarf Size:  6 1/2"x 56"


Cast on 22 stitches using Stella (I cast on 24 just because....)

Row 1:  Knit
Row 2: Change to Luna.  Knit wrapping yarn around needle twice for each stitch
Row 3:  Knit dropping the extra wrap
Row 4:  Change to Stella - knit 

Repeat these 4 rows until desired length ending after row 4.  Bind off with Stella and hide your tails. 

Free pattern is compliments of my LYS (local yarn shop) and is not copyrighted.

This was an extremely easy project.  It is very delicate knitting and I would recommend using lotion on your hands that does not stain just before you start knitting.    It does not show in the pictures but there are very small gold specs throughout the yarn that gives the scarf just the right amount of shimmer.  

The scarf is extremely lightweight.  The color selection for this yarn will have you salivating.  I knitted till I ran out of Stella which has 70 yards per skein.  A little pricey for both, however, I think I could knit a 2nd scarf with the purchase of just Stella.  I will use my little scale to weigh what is left of Charles to make that determination.  I think the total cost for the yarn was in the $22 range.

After blogging for many years, I had difficulty making the transition from Windows to a Mac.  So, needless to say, I am happy to have resolved those issued and have returned and hope to hear from many of you who used to read by blog.   

Happy Knitting!


  1. It's so good to see both you & your beautiful knitting & photography back! Just beautiful!

    I knew that you'd be able to figure the Mac out soon. Still having issues w/my Mac & waiting for my son to come over & fix.

  2. Love the pattern, great to see you back.