Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cowls and Mittens

I knitted this cowl for my co-worker, Amy.  You've seen this same cowl in various yarns several times on previous blog posts.  Amy is always doing something nice for everyone else.  Amy is a fantastic baker and is always bringing baked products into work.   She is proud to say that all her baked goods that she sells incorporate all local ingredients. 

I think this colorway looks fantastic on Amy.  Her hair is a beautiful "salt 'n pepper" and wasn't it convenient for her to wear red the day I gifted her the cowl.  The buttons are from a stash of buttons she gave me awhile back.  Quite a propos!!!  I used Cascade 220 and adjusted the pattern accordingly as it called for DK. 

I have as much fun selecting buttons as I do knitting!

A close up!!

Brian sent me an e-mail because  he knew I had been looking for "Magnificent Mittens" for quite some time.  It's been out of print and if you can find it, the cost will be anywhere from $149 to $1,000.  My co-worker, Amy, surprised me one day.  She borrowed the book through inter-library loan.  Why I can't take books out of the library is a story for another day.  I drooled over this book  and decided the only way I could possibly ever own it was finding it at a yard sale where someone didn't know what they had. 

Well, much to my excitement, and I mean excitement, the book, "Magnificent Mittens and Socks", is going to be published again for $16.47 at Amazon.  I'm not sure if all the same mitten patterns are included along with the socks.  I don't care.  I am buying myself this book.  Here are a few pictures.

A thumb and a spare so that when one wears out, you flip the mitten!!!

I like the large cuff that easily goes over a jacket sleeve!

These would be a slight challenge but well worth the time!

I started teaching my cowl knitting class last evening.  All the women except for one are previous knitting students.  One of the women was disappointed I was not offering another class through by "Recreational Department" before the holidays so she offered her beautiful home to a small group of knitters.  We had less than a week to advertise if we were going to complete four Tuesday classes before Thanksgiving.  I've also been approved to teach additional knitting classes at the Rec Dept. starting in January.  It's exciting and I'm having a terrific time.  The women are lovely and we soon become friends.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Just beautiful! The buttons are just perfect for Amy.

    Isn't it amazing when the Lord grants the desires of our heart? I'm glad you found out about the book. And..I'm so glad that you had explained about that mitten w/2 thumbs. For the life of me, I couldn't figure it out. LOL!

    I know that your knitting classes are so much fun, too!

  2. Joansie... Been so busy but glad I stopped by today. How sweet of you to do that for your coworker. Looks like she loves it too.

  3. The cowl looks great!

    I am not the mitten fanatic that some knitters seem to be, but the book does look great, and I may have to get it myself.

    Glad your classes are going so well! I can't believe that you are so in demand people are willing to have your classes in their homes.
    Similar situation: I recently wrote to a woman who has often taught classes at the Elegant Ewe, and asked her to have a class on finishing techniques, including installing zippers. She told me that she has stopped teaching classes, but invited me to her home for an afternoon of experimenting with different techniques to install zippers. That's what I will be doing this weekend.

  4. PS- remember I told you I often have difficulties commenting on your blog, I have finally realized that I muct be logged into blogger before I visit, as there is no option to sign in when posting a comment.

  5. I need some serious one on one if I ever want to learn to knit :(

  6. I have taught children in my school to crochet and it is so great when they come back years later and thank me for teaching them because they're still making things for their family.

  7. I love the cowl! I can't wait til everyone is well around here and I can do some knitting instead of doctoring!
    The mittens look fabulous, but way out of my league! Happy book buying!!

  8. Again, wonderful! I'm so glad your knitting classes are taking off. I can imagine why you are so successful at teaching knitting. It takes grace and I think you have lots of it. Tnanks for the tip on the book. When you get it post it in your blog, so those of us who forget our names can get on the bandwagon and order it too.

  9. Cool! And have you see Terri Shea's Selbuvotter book? No socks, but mittens, oh my goodness.

  10. Thank you so much for the heads up on the magnificent mittens book! I have been drooling over this for far too long! And it's available in the UK.
    Good luck with you extra lessons.

  11. How weird the old one is soooooooooo much more expensive. I can't imagine anyone paying that kind of money for a book. Really, that's beyond me. Beautiful colors and designs, but the 2 thumb mitten looks like someone made a mistake. It also looks like it would be very awkward and uncomfortable to wear, hard to do things with something hanging down. You must let us know how it is after you make one. I'm really curious. Anyway, the important thing is that you now have a way to obtain it, and it's reasonably priced. That's cool for sure.


  12. What a fun post! The cowl is great, and I'm happy you're going to get that book (the two-thumbed mittens, though...I just don't get those, lol. But the colors and patterns are gorgeous).

    Congrats on your classes. I envy your students.